2023   01   az   p.49-51 G.E. Dashdamirova, D.I. Ismailov,
Formation of CuIn5-xSnxS8 solid solutions based on superlattices of the CuIn5S8 superstructural phase


In the present work, thin films containing CuIn5Te8 with a thickness of 300 Å were obtained on various substrates by thermal evaporation of Cu2S and In2S3
in a ratio of 1:5. The deposition rate of these layers was 15 Å/s, and the substrate temperature (Ts) varied from room temperature to 500 K.The results of experiments on the formation of solid solutions containing CuIn5-xSnxS8 obtained on the basis of extreme lattices of the superstructured phase as a result of the presence of the Sn element as an additive in this three-layer compound are presented. It has been established that the lattice constants of solid solutions formed on the basis of the superstructured phase depend approximately linearly on the concentration of the additive (0.01≤х≤0.09 at.%). Substitution
CuIn5-xSnxS8 reaches its maximum value (0.7Å) in the period of the cubic lattice, stoichiometric composition x=0.07 in solid solutions.

Keywords: superstructure phase, superlattice, electron diffraction, triple compounds, single crystal layers, elementary core.
PACS: 61.50.ks


Received: 03.03.2023


Institute of Physics Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan, 131 H.Javid ave, Baku, AZ-1143, Azerbaijan
E-mail: Uli200909@rambler.ru, cabirismailov@gmail.com

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