2023   03   en   p.28-31 A.S. Huseynova,
Effects of the HfO2 nanofiller on the electret properties and structure of the PE/HfO2 polymer nanocomposite


The effect of electrothermopolarization (ETP) on the structure and electret properties of polymer nanocomposites based on HDPE and hafnium oxide nanoparticles has been studied. It has been established that the physico-mechanical properties of the PE/HfO2 nanocomposite improve when 3–10% by weight of HfO2 nanoparticles is introduced into the PE matrix. The appearance of a long-term electret effect in PE/HfO2 is associated with the inhomogeneity of the nanocomposite structure and the accumulation of a large number of electric charges at the interface. The interaction between the polymer and nanoparticles has been studied. The results of structural changes occurring in the interfacial zone of the PE/HfO2 polymer nanocomposite are also presented.

Keywords: nanocomposites, polyethylene, hafnium oxide, polymer nanoparticles, electrothermopolarization,electron microscopy.
PACS: 77.55


Received: 05.09.2023


Institute of Physics of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 131, G. Javid Ave. Baku, AZ 1143, Azerbaijan
E-mail: e-mail:aem05@rambler.ru

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