2023   02   az   p.24-28 S.I. Mekhtiyeva, R.I. Alekberov, S.M. Mammadov, L.A. Aliyeva, A.Ch. Mammadova, S.U. Atayeva, N.N. Eminova,
Investigation of Raman scattering in As40Se60 binary chalcogenide glassy system by method the radial distribution of pair-partial correlation functions


The dependences of the structure factor (S(Q)) on the scattering vector (Q) and intensity on the frequency were studied by neutron diffraction and Raman scattering methods in the As40Se60 binary chalcogenide glass system. The frequencies (νAsSe3/2=226±0.5 cm-1 and νAs-Se-As=172±0.5 cm-1) of the oscillation modes of the pyramidal structure elements (AsSe3/2) and bridge connections between them (As-Se-As), which form the local structure of the studied substance was determined by applying reverse Monte-Carlo modeling (RCM) to the results of neutron diffraction scattering.

Keywords: chalcogenide glass, amorphous, medium order, close order.
PACS: 81.05. Gc


Received: 25.04.2023


Institute of Physics Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan, 131 H.Javid ave, Baku, AZ-1143, Azerbaijan
E-mail: Rahim-14@mail.ru

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