2023   03   en   p.43-45 Sh.Sh. Amirov1,2, N.V. Kerimli1, N.H. Gurbanova1, H.A. Abiyev1,
On the theory of third harmonic generation in a Fabry-Perot cavity


An analytical expression for the efficiency of conversion into third harmonic in a Fabry- Perot cavity filled with the third order nonlinear medium is obtained in the constant intensity approximation. This approximation takes into account the reverse reaction of excited harmonic wave on the phase of fundamental radiation. It was shown that in order to achieve highest conversion efficiency the optimum values of problem parameters like coefficient of reflection, nonlinear length of medium etc. should be chosen.

Keywords: third harmonic, Fabry-Perot cavity, nonlinear medium, constant intensity approximation.
PACS: 78.67. Pt; 42.65-k; 42.62.Hk; 42-70a.


Received: 19.09.2023


1. Department of Medical and Biological Physics, Azerbaijan Medical University 167 S.Vurgun str., Az-1022, Baku, Azerbaijan
2. Department of Physics and Electronics, Khazar University, 41 Mahsati str., Az 1096, Baku, Azerbaijan
E-mail: phys_med@mail.ru

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