2023   04   en   p.11-13 A.I. Bayramova1, A.G. Guseinov2,
Preparation and properties of photosensitive Cu3In5S9 thin films


Highly photosensitive thin films of the Cu3In5S9 compound were obtained by the method of instantaneous thermal evaporation of a substance in vacuum. Impurity photoconductivity and an impurity absorption band with a maximum at 1,15 eV were detected. It is assumed that the high concentration of impurity electronic states is due to the presence in the films of a high concentration of cation and anion vacancies in the structure of the crystal lattice.

Keywords: Cu3In5S9, thin film, photoconductivity, absorption, vacancies, defective crystal
PACS: 72.40,+w


Received: 13.10.2023


1. Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction
2. Baku State University
E-mail: aynurabayramova09@gmail.com

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