2023   04   en   p.21-24 H.S. Ibragimova1, R.L. Mammadova2,
Effect of heat treatment on polypropylene and metal oxide (PP+ZrO2) nanocomposites


The presented research work specifies the charge state before and after heat treatment of nanocomposites composed of isotactic polypropylene and metal oxide nanoadditive ZrO2. It has been established that PP+3% ZrO2 nanocomposites have the ability to retain a greater charge. The parameters of the electret state of a nanocomposite of a given composition at different temperature values have been obtained by the TSD method. It is concluded that the maxima in the region of low and high temperatures are due to charges accumulated in crystalline and amorphous phases and boundaries of polymer nanocomposites. The results of the conducted studies correlate with the results of the SEM.

Keywords: nanocomposites, polypropylene, electrothermal polarization, thermally stimulated depolarization curren.
PACS: 61.46.w,82.35:Np,71.38.k


Received: 25.10.2023


1. Institute of Physics, Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan
2. Sumgayit State University E-mail: hicran90@rambler.ru

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