2023   04   az   p.24-27 Jale G. Atakishiyeva,
Investigation of defects in boron carbide (B4C) nanoparticles under the influence of neutron beam


Paramagnetic centers in B4C nanoparticles and their nature were comparatively studied at different magnetic field strengths. Paramagnetic defect states in B4C nanoparticles due to synthesis and other reasons are explained in detail by the observed EPR signal. Spectroscopic analyzes were carried out at room temperature in the range of 500÷5500 G in the field centered at 3300 G. In the same work, the region 0.3270 - 0.3370 T, where more paramagnetic centers are observed, was additionally considered.

Keywords: B4C nanoparticles, nanomaterial, defect states, neutron irradiation.
PACS: 61.46.+w, 65.80.+n, 67.80.Gb


Received: 24.11.2023


Department of Nanotechnologies and Radiation Materials Science, Department of Nuclear Research, Innovation and Digital Development Agency,
Gobu settlement, Baku-Shamakhi highway, Baku AZ1073, Azerbaijan
E-mail: atakishiyevajale24@gmail.com

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