2023   04   az   p.28-29 Z.I. Badalova1, Kh.V. Aliquliyeva2, А.X. Rzayeva3, N.А. Abdullayev1,3,
Contribution of thermal expansion in the change of the Raman active frequencies with temperature in MnBi2Te4 crystals


Raman scattering in MnBi2Te4 single crystals was studied. The contributions of phonon-phonon interaction and thermal expansion in the change of Raman frequencies with temperature have been determined.

Keywords: Raman scattering, Raman-active phonons, thermal expansion, anharmonicity, elastic modulus
PACS: 63.20.kg, 64.70.kg, 65.40.De, 78.30._j


Received: 01.12.2023


1. Institute of Physics Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan, 131 H.Javid ave, Baku, AZ-1143
2. Sumgait State University, Sumgait, Azerbaijan, 1 Baku street, 43, AZ 5008
3. Baku State University, 23 Z.Khalilov St., Baku, AZ 1148, Azerbaijan
E-mail: abnadir@mail.ru

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