2024   01   en   p.31-34 O.B. Tagiev1,2, E.G. Asadov1,3, F.A. Kazimova1,
Photoluminescence of nanocrystals of LaPO4:Eu3+


The results of studying the luminescence spectra and its excitation, as well as the luminescence kinetics of the LaPO4:Eu3+ crystal are presented in this paper. Excitation spectra was measured under 337 nm nitrogen laser source and all observed peaks in the range of 230–460 nm were explained by electronic transition of Eu3+ ions as well as LaPO4 matrix. Photoluminescence measurements were performed at 337 nm and 393 nm wavelengths for different Eu3+ concentrations. Obtained results are comparatively presented. All PL peaks observed in the visible range of the light are explained by electronic transition of Eu3+ ions and LaPO4 matrix. Moreover, The emission decay kinetics for the maximum at 590 nm (5D0→7F1) were performed under 393 nm pulsed laser and the lifetime of electrons in the traps have been determined.

Keywords: Luminescence, nanocrystals, spectra, excitations, lifetime.
PACS: 76.30.,78.55.,78.60.


Received: 18.03.2024
Internet publishing: 27.06.2024


1. Institute of Physics of ARETN, Baku, Azerbaijan
2. Moscow State University, Baku Branch, Baku, Azerbaijan
3. National Aviation Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan
E-mail: elsenesedov@gmail.com

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