2024   01   az   p.23-28 S.I. Mekhtiyeva1, R.I. Alekberov1, S.M. Mammadov1, H.I. Mammadova1, B.G. Ibragimov1,
M.V. Kazimov1, V.N. Poladova2
Study of volt-ampere characteristics of Al-Ge33As17S35Se15-Te sandwich structure in propane-butane gas mixture


In this work, the effect of propane-butane gas mixture on the volt-ampere characteristic (VAC) of thin-layer Al-Ge33As17S35Se15-Te sandwich structure obtained by thermal evaporation in vacuum was studied. It was determined that the oscillations observed in VAC gradually weaken and disappear due to the influence of gas atoms. This result is explained by the accumulation of neutral gas atoms in the lower atomic pores. It has been shown that the neutral gas atoms collected in the pores weaken the processes of thermal-field ionization of U- centers, and the acceleration of the processes of periodic capture of charge carriers by those centers leads to an increase in the resistance of the sample.

Keywords: chalcogenide glass, amorphous
PACS: 81.05. Gc


Received: 01.04.2024


1. Institute of Physics of the Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan, AZ-1143, Baku, 131. H.Javid ave.
2. Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Institute of Radiation Problems
E-mail: Rahim-14@mail.ru

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