2024   01   en   p.38-40 F.A. Mamedov,
Scaling properties of Dirac matrices, the graviational field, and consistently life like transformation law behavior aspect of these matrices. Dirac matrices and dark matter


Dirac matrices reveal the certain scaling property in all three known representations. One can associate this scaling property with the basic ingredients of life as a result of its thorough analysis. Different aspects of the Dirac equation and Dirac matrices on the Lorentz transformations are analyzed to get a clearer picture on this circumstance. Signs of the dark matter and Dirac matrices relations are also discussed.

Keywords: Scaling properties of the Dirac matrices, boson mass - coupling constant relation, angular momentum, magnetic moment, Dirac equation, life like transformation laws of the Dirac matrices, Mayorana equation, dark matter.
PACS: Electroweak interactions, in unified field theories, 12.10.Dm


Received: 27.03.2024


Institute for Physical Problems, Baku State University, Azerbaijan
E-mail: mail.quanta02@gmail.com

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