2024   02   az   p.19-21 A.Ch. Mammadova,
Formation of binary and ternary phase in thin films of Cu2Se – Ga2Se – In2Se3


By method of electron difractometry phase formation process in thin films of Cu2Se – Ga2Se – In2Se3 system have been investigated. It has been established that amorphous layers of ternary compounds of CuGa5(In5)Se8 compositions are stable at room temperature and crystallize in the temperature range
383–393 K.

Keywords: Phase formation, thin film, crystallization
UOT: (546.56+546.22).539.24


Received: 13.05.2024
Internet publishing: 27.06.2024


1. Institute of Physics of the Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan, AZ-1143, Baku, 131. H.Javid ave.
E-mail: amamedova@inbox.ru

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