2024   02   az   p.28-30 Kh.M. Guliyeva1, Y.I. Aliyev2, N.A. Aliyeva1, G.M. Agamirzayeva1,
Morphology of Cu2NiSeTe, Cu2NiSSe and Cu2NiTe2 compound


Cu2NiSeTe, Cu2NiSSe and Cu2NiTe2, new chalcogenide compounds were synthesized. The morphology and micro-composition analysis of the synthesized compounds were studied. Researches were carried out in a Scanning Electron Microscope. The analysis revealed that these compounds were obtained in the form of high-purity polycrystals. Elemental analysis of the ingredients was carried out. The formation of crystallite sizes depending on the metal and chalcogen atoms in the compositions was determined. It has been learned that the crystallites of the samples synthesized under vacuum conditions in these compositions have a size of d ≈ 300 μm.

Keywords: polycrystal, crystallite, chalcogen, SEM analysis.
PACS: 538.91


Received: 20.05.2024
Internet publishing: 27.06.2024


1. Institute of Physics named after H.M.Abdullayev of the Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan AZ-1143, Baku, 131.H.Javid ave.
2. Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
E-mail: q.xeyale84@mail.ru

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