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      Fizika, 1995,vol.I, 4

    E.I.Zulfigarov, T.G.Gadzhiev, S.A.Aliev, Firuza M.Gashimzade, R.I.Salim-zade The behaviour of termoe.m.f. and magnetothermoe.m.f. in gapless CdxHg(1-x)Te at low temperatures. 6  
    T.A.Melik-Aslanova The mathematical modelling of plasmachemical processes. 12  
    A.I.Mamedov, O.A.Ragimov, M.A.kurbanov, M.G.Shakhtakhtinsky, S.N.Musaeva, T.F.Bunyadova High-effective piezocomposite materials for electroacoustic converters. 21  
    G.Kh.Azhdarov, R.Z.Kyazimzade, M.A.Akperov, K.N.Mamedov Acceptor states of Cd-impurity in Ge(1-x)Six. 27  
    S.A.Orudzheva, F.K.Isaev, K.A.Askerov, D.I.Karaev Influence of gamma-quantums on photoelectric properties of photodiodes of gallium telluride.. 34  
    F.M.Gashimzade, D.A.Guseinova and N.B.Mustafaev Surface phonon-polaritons in GeSe. 39  
    E.G.Efendiyev, R.A.Alizade, E.Sh.Hajiyev Partial coordination numbers in amorphous compounds of Yb-As-S(Se,Te).. 46  
    N.Z.Dzhalilov, G.K.Akberov, M.I.Veliev, V.Z.Zeinalov The influence of structural changes on piezoeffect in selenium. 51  
    M.I.Aliev, G.B.Ibragimov Intersubband optical absorption in semiconducting quantum-well wires. 56  
    I.M.Askerov Mossbayer spectra analysis of impuried atoms 57Fe in Ga2Se3(S3) defect crystals. 61  
    R.Z.Sadikhov, L.M.Valiev, A.O.Ismailov, A.D.Namazov, Sh.O.Orudzheva The magnetic phase transitions in MexZn(1-x)Cr2S4(Me-Fe,Co).. 66  
    Kh.S.Aliev, M.A.Kurbanov, A.O.Orudzhev, M.G.Shakhtakhtinskiy Thermal condition of the dielectric composites based on the polymers-nitrides and carbides.. 71  
    F.K.Aleskerov, A.Sh.Aliev, K.Sh.Kakhramanov Determination method of thermal conductivity coefficients of semiconductor materials of thermoelement arms. 78  
    M.I.Aliev, Sh.Sh.Rashidova Effect of disorder on light absorption of deep levels in Ga(1-x)InxAs (0 85  
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