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      Fizika, 1996,vol.II, 2

    V.A. Aliyev The effect of the induced photoconductivity by the intrinsic light in single crystals TlInS1,6S0,4 3  
    E.R. Guseinov The electromagnetic waves in the infinite superlattice. 6  
    T.M. Mursalov, F.G. Pashev, S.F. Jafarov Analytical evaluation of multicenter integrals with exponential factor in the theory of molecules. 9  
    D.Sh. Abdinov, G.Z. Bagiyeva, N.B. Mustafayev, N.G. Sadigov Surface conductivity of BiXSb(2-x)Te3 (x=0,5) crystals. 12  
    E.A. Masimov, V.V. Prudko, L.I. Khomutov The effect of neutral salts on gelation in aqueous solutions of agar and agarose 14  
    I.M. Ismailov The investigation of the influence of the selenium addition for mechanical properties of polyethilene till and after the fading. 17  
    K.A. Askerov Radiation-resistant photoreceivers on the base of layered semiconductors. 19  
    B.I. Kuliev, V.M. Gadjiev The energy spectrum and statistics of electrons in the size-quantized anisotropic films. 22  
    Kh.I. Mamedov, I.K. Nasibov, I.Kh. Mamedov, S.G.Shukyrov Vibronic interaction of energy-neared electronic levels for benzyl radical in matrices at 4,2K 25  
    A.M.Pashayev, A.R.Gasanov, Kh.I. Gasanov Electron-controlled acoustooptic delay lines of heterodyne type. 28  
    E.M.Kerimova, S.D. Mamedbeili, A.Z. Abasova, P.G. Ismailova Piezoresistive properties of solid solutions (TlIne2)x(TlInS2)(1-x) (0 30  
    T.I. Shakhtakhtinski The electric discharge along the surface of solid dielectrics being in electret state in air. 33  
    K.A. Askerov Defect formation in gallium selenide under the influence of penetrating radiation. 36  
    M.A. Kurbanov, M.G. Shakhtakhtinskiy, S.N. Musayeva, A.I. Mamedov Anomal piezoelectric effect in polymer-piezoelectric composite system 40  
    D.I. Ismailov, M.F.Alieva, R.M. Sultanov, F.I. Aliev, R.B. Shafizade Short-range order in thin films of Tl-S and Tl-Se system. 43  
    N.G. Javadov, M.M. Aliyev, H.G. Asadov The investigation of results of the measurement of the total ozone contents in the atmosphere by filter ozonometres. 46  
    S.A. Abasov, Ya.J. Ragimov, Z.Ch. Efendieva, V.A. Alekperov The influence of aminocomplex of crezilditiophosphoric acid on mechanical strength and structure of polypropylene. 48  
    R.M. Sardarly, N.A. Eyubova, F.Yu. Gumbatov Influence of the substitutions Bi for Pb and Sb synthesis of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O system on its critical parameters. 51  
    S.A.Aliyev, A.A. Movsum-zade, Firuza M. Gashimzade, S.S. Ragimov, B.A. Tairov On the inelastic character of the electron-electron interaction in Bi(1-x)Sbx. 54  
    E.R. Guseinov, R.R. Guseinov Polaritons in a semiconductor superlattice. 57  
    K.M. Jafarov Structural phase transitions in Cu and Ag chalcogenides single crystals. 61  
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