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      Fizika, 1997,vol.III, 1

    K.R. Allakhverdiyev, T.G. Mamedov, F.A. Mikailov, Mir-Hasan Yu. Seidov The influence of the external electric field to dielectric properties of TlInS2 and TlGaSe2 crystals in the vicinity of phase tarnsition 3  
    A.Sh. Abdinov, M.A. Jafarov, R.M. Rzayev Photoelectric properties of single crystals GaSe doped by disprozium. 7  
    Yu.G. Asadov, K.M. Djafarov, F.Yu. Asadov, S.S. Hamidova Structural transformations in Cu1,90Zn0,05Te. 9  
    M.I. Aliev, Z.A. Jafarov, A.A. Khalilova, M.A. Jafarova Electrical conductivity of GaSb-FeGa1,3 eutectic composition. 12  
    I.S.Gasanov, Ch.D. Zalilova, N.D. Ismailov, Sh.M.Kuliyev, S.E. Nasirov The photoelectric properties of In2O3-CdxHg(1-x)Ter (2 14  
    R.Z. Kyazimzade Activation energy of boron impurity acceptor state in Ge(1-x)Six 17  
    A.A. Ismailov, T.G. Mamedov, T.S. Mamedov Preparation and investigation of electrophysical characteristics of their films Pb0,6Ge0,4Te at near structural phase transition 20  
    M.I. Aliev,D.H. Arasli, R.N. Rahimov, A.A. Khalilova Pecularities of phonon scattering in GaSb-Ga2Te3 solid solutions. 23  
    Z.F. Agayev, R.M. Ismailov, G.S. Seyidli Volt-ampere characteristics n-n+ transtion on base CdxHg(1-x)Te. 25  
    G.Kh. Azhdarov, M.A. Akperov, E.S. Guseynova Degeneration factor of cadmium acceptor levels in GexSi(1-x). 28  
    R.N. Mekhtieva, A.G. Kyazim-zade, N.M. Mekhtiev, M.K. Kerimov The boundary of heterojunctions of GaSe-Cd-In2Se4 31  
    D.M. Kuli-zade The profiles of the NaI lines in the resolved and unresolved solar spectrum. I. The observed profiles of the lines in the spectrum of the Sun and Prosion. 33  
    S.I. Mehdiyeva, N.R. Mamedov, N.A.Hasanova The influence of cross magetic field on the photoconductivity of CdxHg(1-x)Te n- and p-type conductivity 37  
    K.G.Binnatov, I.I. Alizade, A.O. Mehrabov, A.M. Kulibekov, V.O. Orudzev The influence of nitrogen atoms in the plane 39  
    Z.A. Veliyev Electron cupture in semiconductors with dislocations in quantized magnetic field. 42  
    I.A.Mamedbeyli, H.N.Nasibov, Ch.O. Qajar, V.M.Salmanov Optical induced local absorption in widw band gap semiconductors. 44  
    S.N. Musaeva,M.G.Shakhtakhtinski, M.A.Kurbanov, F.I.Seidov, A.I.Mamedov,A.O.Ragimov The pecularities of pyroelectric effect formation in the polymer-piezoelectric heterogeneous system. 48  
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