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      Fizika, 1997,vol.III, 3

    P.G.Azhdarov, N.A.Agayev Components distribution in germanium-silicon solid solutions growing by Bridgeman method. 3  
    H.B.Ibragimov Laser-induced sound absorption in the semiconductive superlattice in quantizing magnetic field.. 6  
    T.M.Veliev, S.A.Abasov, I.K.Alieva, V.A.Alekperov, I.M.Ismailov Accumulated processes in kinetics of mechanical destruction of polyethylene at simultaneous ingluence of electrical field. 9  
    E.Yu.Salayev, F.N.Kaziyev, Sh.M.Kuliev, R.I.Mukhtarova UNcooled CdHgTe photoelectromagnetic infrared detector. 13  
    Y.M.Suleymanov Precision measurement of specific heats Cv and the validity of asymptotic laws near cryticical point. 18  
    M.A.Kurbanov,M.G.Shakhtakhtinskiy, A.I.Mamedov, S.N.Musaeva,Kh.S.Aliev, I.A.Faradzhzade, A.O.Orudzhev Electron and molecular processes on the phase boundary and their influence on piezoelectric properties of polymer-piezoelectric composites. 23  
    Kh.I.Mamedov, I.K.Nasibov, I.Kh.Mamedov, S.G.Shukurov Fluorescence excitation spectra of toluol and p-xylols free radicals in matrices and their comparison with similar spectra in supersonic freejet. 27  
    M.M.Zarbaliyev Electrical properties of solid solutions TlIn(1-x)NdxTe2 in weak and strong electric fields. 30  
    Yu.A.Vidadi, F.A.Aliyeva, F.K.Aliyev,M.A.Nizametdinova Superconducting ceramics of the system Bi-Sr--Ca-Cu. 35  
    Z.A.Ibragimov Exciton stark effect in crystals of GaSe. 39  
    M.M.Asadov, A.S.Abbasov, A.Ch.Mirzoev Calculation of phase transitions enthalpy of germanium tellouride near the fuse temperature. 41  
    K.A.Askerov Influence of the ionizing irradiation on the basic parameters of photodiodes on the base of indium selenide. 44  
    G.R.Shaulov, U.S.Pashabekova Green function method for magnetic superlattices. 51  
    Yu.G.Asadov, R.B.Veliev, F.Yu.Asadov, S.S.Hamidova, K.M.Djafarov, A.Yu.Nadzhafov Structural transformations in Cu1,75Cd0,05S. 52  
    M.I.Aliyev, A.Z.Daibov, J.H.Asadov Electrons mobility in crystals n-InSb. 42  
    Sh.G.Askerov, A.A.Agasiev, I.G.Pashev, Sh.S.Aslanov The effect of thermal annealing on the parameters of schotky diodes on the base of Al-Ni amorphous metallic alloy. 60  
    F.A.Aliyeva, M.A.Nizametdinova, F.K.Aliyeva, Ya.M.Zeynieva Temperature dependence of the resistance of Bi(Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-P superconductors. 63  
    Sh.M.Nagiyev, E.I.Jafarov Wigner function of relativistic linear oscillator. 68  
    R.S.Madatov, I.A.Kabulov,Y.B.Karayev Conjugate action of temperature and external factors on speed reestablishing parameter of solar cells. 69  
    F.V.Yusubov, R.I.Zeynalov,M.M.Seidrzayeva, R.A.Kerbaliyev Study of diffusive parameters of physical adsorption process. 72  
    R.A.Kerbaliev, R.I.Zeinalov, M.M.Seidrzayeva, F.V.Yusubov Material transport by convective diffusion at dissolution of polydispersive solid particles. 75  
    M.I.Aliyev, A.Z.Daibov, J.H.Asadov Magnetoresistance in crystals of antimonide indium. 78  
    S.I.Mekhtieva, N.I.Ibragimov, A.I.Isaev, V.Z.Zeynalov Paramagnetic defects in the g-irradiated pure and doped. 81  
    B.G.Tagiev, A.R.Gadjiev, T.B.Tagiev, R.S.Madatov About anisotropy of the layering semiconductors GaSe, GaTe. 84  
    Yu.G.Asadov, K.M.Jafarov, F.Yu.Asadov, A.I.Movlanverdiyeva The structure aspects of polymorphic transformations in Cu(1,75-x)ZnxTe crystals (x=0.00; 0.05, 0.20). 88  
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