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      Fizika, 1998,vol.IV, 2

    T.G. Kerimova, Sh.S. Mamedov, LA. Mamedova, R.A. Guliev Temperature dependence of the shift of the absorption edge and deformation potentials in CdGa2Se4. 3  
    R.Z. Sadihov, L.M. Valiev, Sh.O. Orudjeva The features magnetic properties of MnCr2S4. 6  
    B.I.Kuliev, V.M. Gadjiev The kinetic effects in anisotropic size-quantized n-Ge and n-Si films. 8  
    A.I. Bairamov Photoconductivity and luminescence of ZnxCd(1-x)S films prepared by solution spray technique. 11  
    A. A. Bayramov Determination multiplicity of charged particles in multinucleons interactions. 15  
    N.G. Javadov, F.F. Kasimova Poly-Si short wave photodetectors. 18  
    I.M.Aliyev Electric and photoelectric properties of MDSM structure on gallium selenide base. 20  
    F.D.Kasimov, F.G. Agajev The microelectronic phototransducers on the base of the polycrystalline silicon films. 24  
    A.I. Bairamov Photoelectrical properties of CuInSe2-Cd(1-x)ZnxS solar cells. 27  
    Yu.G. Asadov, A.I. Movlanverdiyeva, K.M. Jafarov, F.Yu. Asadov Polymorphic transitions in Cu(1.80-x)ZnxTe (x=0.00,0.30) single crystals. 32  
    I.M. Aliyev The influence of argon plasma on electroreflectance of HgCdMnTe crystals. 36  
    A.A. Bayramov Proton angular distributions in full nuclear decayes. 39  
    M.A. Bagirov, T.G. Ismailov, R.A. Nazanly Two-photon absorption in inverted semiconductors and their size-quantized films. 41  
    F.K.Kasimov, H.I. Novruzova, S.O. Tagieva Relation between masses of white dwarfs and its progenitors. 45  
    S.I. Mehdieva, A.I. Isaev, A.K. Rzaev, N.T. Gasanov, Z.I. Yusifov Carrier drift mobility in Se-Te system. 49  
    F.M. Gashimzade, D.A. Guseinova Phase transition and correlation between phonon spectra of a-SnS and b-SnS. 51  
    I.M. Ismailov, V.T. Abbasov Photoconductivity relaxation in In6S7 single crystals. 55  
    B.G. Tagiev, R.B. Jabbarov, U.F. Kasumov, A.N. Georgobiani Photoluminescence of compounds CaGa2S4:Eu and Ca4Ga2S7:Eu. 58  
    M.A. Kurbanov, M.G. Shakhtakhtinsky, F.I. Seidov, S.N. Musaeva, LA. Faradzhzade Formation features of the piezoresistive effect in the polymers semiconductor composites. 61  
    O.Z. Alekperov Role of free carriers screening in shallow impurity electric field breakdown in semiconductors. 65  
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