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      Fizika, 1998,vol.IV, 3

    K.A. Askerov, R.Y. Aliev, D.I. Karaev Photodiodes on the base of indium selenide with thermoelectric refrigeration. 3  
    E.A. Akhundova, M.A. Mukhtarov The problem of the quantum particle movement in bounded space in coordinate and Wigner representation. 5  
    S.A. Aliev, R.I. Selim-zade, T.G. Gadzhiev The Nernst-Ettinghauzen thermomagnetic effects in CdxHg(1-x)Te at the phonon drag conditions. 8  
    V.A. Aliev The konoscopy of layer crystals TlAIIIBVI2. 11  
    T.D. Aliyeva, N.M. Akhundova Thermoelectrical properties of thermoelements on the basis of bismuth telluride with various resistance. 13  
    E.R. Kasimov, M.A. Sadikhov, R.M. Kasimov, Ch.O. Qadjar Band of selective absorption of electromagnetic radiation in two-layer system dielectric-metal. 16  
    Ch.A. Adigezalova Photoconductivity in monocrystals (SnS)0,999(GdS)0,001. 19  
    G.Kh. Azhdarov, S.M. Bagirova, R.Z. Kyasimzade Donor state of substitutional sulfur impurity in Ge(1-x)Six crystals. 21  
    F.N. Kaziyev, Sh.M. Kuliyev, R.I. Mukhtarova, E.Y. Salayev Cooled photoresistors with gaps on the CdHgTe base. 24  
    E.N. Zamanova, M.A. Jafarov Noises and frequencies characteristics Cd(1-x)ZnxS films deposited from the solution. 28  
    E.M. Kerimova, S.N. Mustafaeva, F.M. Seidov, P.G. Ismailova Roentgen-dosimetric characteristics of Tl(InS2)(1-x)(FeSe2)x single crystals. 31  
    Kh.N. Vezirov, N.G. Gasumov, J.N. Ibragimov, G.F. Guseinov Mechanism of charge transfer in boundary range photocathode. 35  
    S.S. Ragimov The electrical and thermal properties of samples of Ag-Sb-Te system. 37  
    O.B. Tagiev, T.Sh. Hashimova Electroluminescence of MnIn2S4:Yb single crystals. 40  
    F.K. Isayev, K.A. Askerov, S.A. Orujeva Influence of ionizing irradiation on electrophysical properties of gallium telluride. 42  
    I.G. Pashaev The study of the excess current in contact of silicium with amorphous metallic alloy. 45  
    J.Kh. Mamedov, J.K. Nasibov Three spectra of highly excited electron-oscillation states of xylol radicals. 47  
    K.M. Jafarov Structural transitions in Y-Ba-Cu-O system. 51  
    M.I. Veliev, N.Z. Jalilov, V.Z. Zeynalov Influence of Na on mechanic and thermal properties of Se. 53  
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