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      Fizika, 1998,vol.IV, 4

    A.R. Gasanov Acoustic-optical detector of line frequency-modulated signals. 3  
    Sh.G. Askerov, Sh.S. Aslanov, E.G. Shaulova, F.B. Dadashova, I.G. Pashayev Properties of barrier stuctures on Si-amorphous Al-Ni metal alloy. 7  
    H.S. Seidly, O.M. Sadixov, R.M. Ismailov Thermal electromotiveforce features in p-n junction on the basis of CdxHg(1-x)Te. 10  
    A.R. Gassanov Acoustic - optical mode of a realization of pulse - width modulation. 12  
    A.Sh. Mekhtiev, A.A. Mekhtieva The atmosphere correction method and algorithm of the parameter performance for spectral brightness coefficient of the spread surface. 14  
    Y.N. Babayev, A.G. Kyazym-zade Grown and investigation of some physical properties of single crystals based of indium sescvitelluride alloys. 18  
    E.I. Zulfigarov Effect of electron and g-irradiation on CdxHg(1-x)Te electric, galvanomagnetic and thermomagnetic properties. 20  
    I.Akgyuney, A.A.Agasiev Physico-chemical properties of HELIX AK-1 in stable paramagnetic state. 24  
    R.T. Tagiyeva Localized magnetostatic modes in magnetic superlattices. 27  
    T.M. Veliyev, S.A. Abasov,_M.G. Zeynalova, I.K. Aliyeva, S.Sh. Bedirhariova The influence of structure on temperature dependence of mechanical longevity of polyethylene in electrical field. 30  
    N.A. Abdullayev, T.G. Kerimova, T.R. Babayev On anizotropy of conductivity in layered InSe. 33  
    Sh.S. Ismailov On the scattering mechanism of charge carriers of strong doped Bi2Te3. 36  
    Sh.M. Nagiyev Difference harmonic oscillators. I. 39  
    E.M. Gojaev, D.A. Guseinov, Kh.S. Khalilova Heat expansion and izotermic compressibility of solid solutions TlIn(1-x)NdxSe2 (0 < x < 0,1). 42  
    C.A. Aliev, F.F. Aliev, G.P. Pashayev, K.I. Rzayev, A.M. Aliev Change thermodynamical parameters in Ag2Te at phase transitions. 44  
    R.Kh, Salman-zadeh, O.R. Musayev Quantum greep in HTSC at low temperature and high purity limit. 48  
    A.O. Allakhverdiev, O.H. Guseinov, S.O. Tagieva The limit inferior for mass of progenitors of neutron stars. 51  
    A.A. Bayramov, R.M. Jafafzade, A.M. Pashaev The investigation of the level of the radiation background at the flight on aeroplans. 56  
    S.N. Niftiev, M.A. Kurbanov, M.C. Shakhtakhtinski, A.O. Orujev, Kh.S.Aliev Electret effect in highly heterogeneous polymer-piezoelectric composite system. 59  
    M.A. Sadikhov, E.R. Kasimov, R.M. Kasimov, Ch.O.Qajar Spectral characteristics of nonreflecting absorption of microwave radiation of some polar liquids. 63  
    S.K. Abdullayev, A.I. Mukhtarov, M.Sh. Gojayev Nonstandart boson in deep inelastic L+- -N scattering. 67  
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