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      Fizika, 1999,vol.V, 1

    S.S.Agaev, A.I.Mukhtarov, Y.V.Mamedova Pion, kaon electromagnetic form factors in the framework of the running coupling constant method and infrared matching scheme. 3  
    Yu.G.Nurullayev On the problem of defect creation in InSe, GaSe and Cd(1-x)HgxTe. 6  
    Sh.G. Askerov, A.A. Agasiev, Sh.S. Aslanov, I.G. Pashaev Electrophysical properties of silicon contact prepared with amorphous metallic PbSb alloy. 9  
    Sh.O. Eminov, E.K. Guseynov, A.A. Aliev, A.A. Radjabli Characteristic properties of epitaxial photocalling spectrum n-CdxHg(1-x)Te. 12  
    S.G. Rzayev Electrical activity of the one isolated dislocation. 15  
    M.G. Kyazumov, G.G. Guseinov, A.B. Maggeramov, I.G. Aliev Electron diffraction investigations of new phase of Ga0,25In0,75S3. 18  
    F.T. Khalil-zade About the supersymmetric SU(2)xU(l)xU'(1) model of electroweak interactions. 20  
    H.D. Jalilova, H.R. Nuriyev, N.V. Faradjev, M.I. Abdullayev, E.K. Guseynov Electrophysical properties of Pb(1-x)SnxSe epitaxial films. 22  
    E.N. Zamanova, L.A. Alieva Influence of the anneal in air and vacuum on the surface and volume Cu2O resistance. 25  
    N.M. Mehdiyev Polarization photodetectors on the basis of layered semiconductors. 27  
    M.B. Kerimbekov On the surface waves in the solar photosphere. 30  
    B.A. Tairov The resonance acceptor levels in semiconductor alloys of Bi(1-x)Sbx doped by Sn. 33  
    R.A. Ali-zade Magnetisation of nanoparticles of magnetite with magnetic dipol-dipol interaction in disperse mediums. 37  
    O.A. Ageyev, A.Sh. Mekhtiev, N.M. Muradov, V.V. Petrov, M.O. Pokhodi Investigation of electrophysical properties of the local dislocation structures. 40  
    H.S. Seyidli, O.M.Sadixov, R.M. Ismailov Kinetics of photoconductivity in CdxHg(1-x)Te monocrystals under the influence of cross magnetic field. 44  
    T.R. Mekhtiyev Features of distribution of density charges on bounds in structure of gallium selenide. 46  
    R.S. Madatov, A.I. Aliyev, Q.M. Qasimov, A.A. Abdurragimov The influence of photoexcitation on the defect formation process at the electron irradiation of Ge. 51  
    F.J. Kasimov, M.R. Ragimov, F.F. Kasimova, N.M. Muradov Investigation of electric conduction of lightly doped polycrystalline silicon films. 54  
    T.G. Ismailov, R.A. Nazanly, M.A. Bagirov Interband electron Raman scattering in size-quantized films of inverse semiconductors. 57  
    R.N. Nabiyev, H.R. Nuriyev, S.S. Farzaliyev, M.I. Abdullayev Growth peculiarities of PbTe0,92Se0.08 epitaxial films. 62  
    Yu.G. Nurullayev Injection-contact phenomena in single crystals on InSe, GaSe and GaS. 64  
    E.S. Taptygov, E.A. Jafarova, Sh.A. Alihanova, A.A. Bayramov Influence of deep levels of Ni on the breakdown voltage of high voltage silicon p+ -n junction. 67  
    A.G. Kyazymzade, V.M. Salmanov, E.T. Mursalov, A.A. Agaeva Physical process in energy converters on the base of InSe-GaSe(1-x)Sx heterojunctions. 70  
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