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      Fizika, 1999,vol.V, 3

    S.S. Agaev, A.I. Mukhtarov, Y.V. Mamedova The dependence of the, light meson's electromagnetic form factors on the factorization scale. 3  
    G.Kh. Azhdarov, R.Z. Kyazimzade, N.A. Agaev, M.A. Akperov Impurity states of tellurium in germanium-silicon solid solutions. 8  
    P.G. Azhdarov Electron mobility in heat-treated Ge(1-x)Six crystals with copper impurity. 11  
    Z.F. Agaev, Z.V. Damirova, G.S. Seidli Influence of compozition nonhomogenity on electrophysical properties of CdxHg(1-x)Te single crystals. 14  
    H.B. Ibragimov Influence of sound wave strength on interband magnetoabsorption in semiconductors with superlattice. 17  
    F.D. Kasimov, Ya.Yu. Guseinov, G.P. Kemerchev Influence of the potential barrier on the boundary layer between of semi-insulating GaAs substrate and epitaxial film on the carrier transport. 20  
    J.M. Aliev, R.A. Rahimova, E.I. Veliyulin The topographical analysis of the surface defects of Ge(1-x)Six single crystals. 24  
    M.M. Zarbaliyev Singularities of electrical properties of solid solutions TlIn(1-x)YbxS2(Te2). 26  
    A.R. Babayev, A.M. Gashimov, R.N. Mekhtizadeh The time variation of both sigh ion mobilities in (SF6+N2) mixtures. 29  
    M.M. Babayev Crystal-field analysis of splittings of the energy levels for the Nd3+ centre in the GaSe crystal. 31  
    M.G. Abbasov, Ya.Yu. Guseinov, F.J. Kasimov The formation of silicon polycrystalline films on the amorphous substrate. 34  
    A.A. Aliev, Sh.M. Kuliev, A.K. Mamedov, R.I. Mukhtarova On the possibility of the quantum yield increasing of IR - radiation detectors. 36  
    E.R. Kasimov, S.T. Azizov, Ch.O. Qadjar, R.M. Kasimov Dielectric properties and modular structure of nitrometane, N-metilformamide arid NN-dimetilacetamide solution in dioksan. 39  
    O.Z. Alekperov n-GaAs quality diagnose from shallow impurities photoelectric spectroscopy l ine shapes dependence on electric field. 44  
    G.Z. Bagieva, D.Z. Ahmedova, N.B. Mustafayev Surface conduction of Bi0,85Sb0,15 solid solutions. 51  
    N.F. Gakhramanov, S.S. Sadulova, E.S. Garaev Photoconductivity of Au3Ga5Se9 single crystals. 53  
    Ch.M. Djuvarly, G.M. Kerimov, Z.K. Nurubeyly Investigation of the spark ion source. 55  
    S.G. Rzaev, A.A. Ismailov, T.S. Mamedov, T.G. Mamedov Electrophysical properties of Pb0,9Ge0,1Te doped by indium. 58  
    I.N. Orudzhev, M.A. Kurbanov, M.K. Kerimov, M.M. Akhmedov Photosensitive composites on the base of PVDF-CdS. 60  
    F.A. Aleskerov Temperature parameters of compressional-thermoelectric systems at different extreme regimes. 64  
    T.M. Khalina Calculation of partial conductivities between the co-planar electrodes of the low temperature composition electrical heater. 67  
    S.A. Jamalova, O.N. Novruzov, A.A. Kasimov, S.A. Zeinalova," Kh.A. Amrakhova Exchange interaction between Ni2+ ions in Ni-Cr-Sb-K/y-Al2O3 catalyst depending on calcination temperature. 72  
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