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      Fizika, 1999,vol.V, 4

    T.V.Butchuzi, N.P.Kekelidze, T.G.Khulordava, K.T.Jachvadze, S.B. Suladze, Tomia Ogava, V.A. Aliyev The calculation of the refrigirator thermoexchangator working on the ozone nondangerous cold-agent. 3  
    R.Z. Kyazimzade The first acceptor state of substitutional nickel impurity atoms in Ge(1-x)Six system. 5  
    Ch.M. Djuvarly, R.N. Mekhtizadeh, E.N. Akhmedov The electrical discharge application at adsorption cleaning of Heksen-1 from impurities. 7  
    A.R. Gassanov Acusto-optical modes of handling of signals. 9  
    G.K. Akberov, S.I. Mekhtiyeva, N.E. Gasanov Mechanism of return current dependence on pressure in a selenic p-n transition. 13  
    Sh.A. Topchieva Laser spectroscopy in the investigations of spectral-luminescent properties of vipera metabolites. 15  
    T.G. Kerimova, Z.G. Mamedov, A.G. Sultanova Photosensitivity depending on time in CdGa2S4. 18  
    Ch.Sh. Abdullayev, M.Sh. Mamedov Elastic scattering of neutrons with energy 14,7 MeV by isotopes of mean nuclei. 20  
    E.M. Gojayev, H.R. Nuriyev, A.M. Nazarov, S.G. Dunyamaliyeva Photoconductivity of TlIn(1-x)PrxS2 solid state solutions. 23  
    I.N. Alieva, D.I. Aliev, N.M. Godjaev The complex using of the ESR, theoretical conformational analysis and quantum chemistry methods at the 2,03 complexes structure study. 25  
    M.A. Bagirov, A.M. Magerramov, M.M. Kuliev Piezopolymer composites used in energetics. 27  
    E.R. Kasimov, Ch.O. Qadjar, R.K.Kasimov, Sh.G. Gasanov, E.M. Mamedov Reflection less absorption of microwave radiation in mixture solutions of polar substances in non-polar solvents. 30  
    F.M. Gashimzade, E.I. Guseinov Substitution and solution energies for orthorhombic compounds semiconducting A4B6. 33  
    M.A. Mukhtarov SL(3,C)-solutions of self-duality equations. 38  
    F.D. Kasimov, Ya.Yu. Guseinov Hall devices of the base of n-InSb(1-x)Bix-i-GaAs heterostructures. 41  
    N.D. Achmed-zade,M.Yu. Seidov Evaporation and condensation of congruent evaporated compounds AIIBVI. 44  
    M.I. Aliev, Sh.Sh.Rashidova, I.M.Aliev Reflection spectra in GaAs and Ga(1-x)InxAs, Ga(1-x)AlxAs crystals. 46  
    N.T. Panahov Elastic modulus of three-component alloys such as Ni3(Fe(1-x)Mex). 48  
    F.G. Agayev, F.D. Kasimov, Ch.A. Asadov Aerospace research of water surfaces pollution by the mean of laser location. 50  
    I.N. Askerzade, F.G. Aliyev, O. Cakiroglu The time resolution of the balanced comparators on the overdamped Josephson junction. 53  
    T.M. Veliev, M.J. Zeynalova, S.A. Abasov, J.K. Alieva, S.Sh. Bedirkhanova Mechanical strength and deformation properties of polypropylene-polyethylene of low density compositions. 55  
    I.G. Pashaev Investigation of electrical properties of amorphous and polycrystalline metal contact with a semiconductor. 59  
    A.R. Gassanov Detection and discernment of unknown radioradiations by acusto-optical methods. 61  
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