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      Fizika, 2000,vol.VI, 2

    T.G. Mamedov, T.S. Mamedov, F.A. Mikailov, M.A. Nizametdinova, M.Yu. Seyidov Instability of the dielectric constant in TlInS2 near the phase transitions. 3  
    Sh.M. Nagiyev Difference harmonic oscillators. III. 5  
    D.D. Bayramov, R.M. Ismaylov Properties of alloys of TlInSe2-TlGdSe2. 7  
    T.M. Veliev, M.G. Zeynalova, S.A. Abasov, I.K. Aliyeva, S.Sh. Bedirhanova Mechanical strength of polypropylene-polyethylene of low density composition modified by ethylene -propylene elastomer. 10  
    M.Y. Bakirov, N.I. Ibragimov Interaction of the zinc impurity and radiation defects in single crystals of solid solution germanium-silicon. 14  
    V.I. Nasirov, Yu.G. Asadov Some aspects of crystal growth in solid state substance. 17  
    A.S. Abbasov, S.I. Mekhtiyeva, K.A. Askerova, A.M. Malahova Thermodynamic properties of Al2S3. 20  
    R.Z. Sadikhov, L.M. Veliev, Sh.O. Orujeva Paramagnetic susceptibility of Fe(1+x)Cr(2-x)S4(0 21  
    G.A. Agayeva Structural analysis of secretin conformational stability. 23  
    T.G. Safarova Non-contact methods of analysis of HTSC characteristics. 28  
    M.B. Babaev Unusual absorption phenomenons in AR Lac system. 30  
    T.G. Mamedov, T.S. Mamedov, B.G. Gadjiev, M. Shirinov, M.Yu. Seidov The kinetics simulation of epitaxial ternary crystal growth under conditions of electromagnetic irradiation. 33  
    Sh.A. Topchieva Laser spectroscopy method in the studing of vipera lebetina obtusa venom. 36  
    F.V. Aliyeva Frequency-compensating effect at electric conduction of bismuth oxide films. 39  
    Ch.O. Kadjar, S.R. Kasimova The application of effect of nonreflective absorption of electromagnetic radiation at the microwave measurements of dielectric constants of liquids with low absorption. 41  
    O.B. Tagiev, N.N. Musayeva, R.B. Jabbarov The electrical memory switching effect in MnIn2S4 single crystals. 44  
    L.A. Alieva, T.D. Dzhafarov, A.I. Bayramov, V.D. Novruzov Thin film solar cells on the basis of n CdS - p CdTe heterostructures. 46  
    J.Y. Naziyev, V.H. Hasanov Determination of the isentropic expansion coefficient of liquids on the basis of experimental data. 49  
    Ya.Yu. Guseinov, F.D. Kasimov Mechanism of current transfer in metal oxide varistors on the base ZnO-Bi2O3. 54  
    F.Yu.Aliyev,G.G.Guseynov,A.I.Jabbarov, S.K.Orujov Crystal structure and electric properties of CuFeTe2 single crystals. 58  
    E.G. Djafarov, M.M. Tagiyev conductivity of the extruded samples of Bio.85Sbo.15 solid solution with different grain size. 61  
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