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      Fizika, 2000,vol.VI, 4

    M.M.Kuliev, S.N.Niftiev, S.N.Musaeva, I.A.Faradzhzade, M.G.Shakhtakhtinsky,M.A,Kurbanov On mechanism of the electret effect in the polymers, dispersed by the particles of the piezoelectric materials. 3  
    Z.I. Hadjiyev, CD. Demukhamedova The investigation of the normal oscillations frequencies and IR absorption spectrum intensity of the benzonitrile molecule. 6  
    O.A. Ageev, N.A. Kovalyov, A.M. Vasilenko, E.K. Husseynov, S.A. Ismailova Influence of electro-erosion treatment on the Ni/6H-SiC contact parameters. 16  
    O.I. Davarashvili, M.N.Enukashvili, N.P.Kekelidze, M.R.Metschvarishvili, E.V. Stepanov, A.N. Chusnutdinov, V.A. Aliyev Conditions and methodical decisions by the creation of multicomponent laser-analizators for gaz-pollutants. 19  
    Ya.Yu. Guseinov Negative resistance of Bi-Bi2O3-Bi structures. 23  
    Z A. Tagiev, N.V. Kerimova, R.J. Kasumova Nonlinear wave interaction under coherent population trapping conditions. 25  
    A.G. Bagirov Electrical properties of p-GaSe-n-InSe heterojunction. 28  
    R.B. Jabbarov The stream luminescence in CaGa2S4:Eu + single crystals. 30  
    A.I. Mamedov, M.A. Kurbanov, M.G. Shakhtakhtinsky, S.N. Musaeva, I.A. Faradzhzade Relationship between piezoelectric, thermophysical properties and interphase phenomena in the polymer-piezoelectric composites. 33  
    N.A.Eyubova The superconducting properties of phases in the YBa2Cu(3-x)xMxO6,5ąd(M=Sn,Fe) system. 37  
    V.Z. Mustafaev Three-jet decays of Higgs-boson. 40  
    H.B. Ibrahimov Free-carrier absorption in size-confined systems in a quantizing magnetic field. 43  
    G.A. Agayeva The role of charged residues in the spatial structure of the human immunoglobulin E pentapeptide. 47  
    M.B. Babayev, M.S. Gadgiyev, L.Ch. Salmanova Spectral observations of old Nova HR Del. 51  
    E.A. Masimov, A.A. Gasanov, R.N. Ismailova Relation between structure temperature and gelformation ability of water solutions of agar and agarose. 55  
    Z.A. Veliev, N.A. Kardashbekova Recombination of holes in dislocation centers in an electric field. 59  
    M.M. Panakhov Certain pecularities of thickness and temperature dependences of electrical conductivity in Bi4Ti3On amorphous films. 61  
    O.B.Tagiyev, S.E. Hasanova The aging of green colour eiectroluminofors. 66  
    A.R. Imamaliyev, Sh.Sh. Shikhalibeyli, M.B. Bananli, S.Z. Temirniyazova The reversible electrooptic effect with memory in smectic A liquid crystal with frequency inversed dielectric constant anisotropy. 68  
    O.A. Samedov, R.M. Sardarli, l.Sh. Sadikhov, I.I. Aslanov Piroelectric effect in the Cd2Nb2O6S crystal. 71  
    N.N. Aliyev, S.S. Abdullayeva Physico-chemical analysis of pure multicomponent silicate composition containing Pb. 74  
    O. Chelik, T. Kilichoglu, M. Enver Aydin, K. Akkilich, G. Guler Investigation of the interface state density of p-Si/anodic oxide/Al structures obtained by application of various constant voltages. 77  
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