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      Fizika, 2002,vol.VIII, 1

    M.K. Kerimov. Sh.M. Abbasov. Sh.L. Abbasov Radiation stable electromechanical transformers on the basis of thread-like monocrystals Ge(1-x)Six. 3  
    G.I. Abutalibov, S.Z. Dzhafarova . N.A. Ragimova Exciton-exciton interaction in GaSe crystal electroluminescence spectrum. 6  
    M.I. Aliyev, R.N. Rahimov, D.H. Arasly, A.A. Khalilova The role of defects in scattering of phonons in the A3B5 alloys. 10  
    A. M. Babayev Non-minimal interaction and spectra of impurity states for light carriers in Kane's semiconductors. 12  
    M.M. Asadov Correlation equations of ionic hydration in ionic groups of s-,p-,d- elements. 15  
    B.G. Tagiyev, N.N. Musayeva, R.B. Jabbarov The stimulation of multiplicity of the light to dark currents ratio in PbGa2Se4 single crystal. 17  
    M.A. Aljanov, E.M. Kerimova, S.I. Mekhtieva, M.D. Nadjafzade, S.G. Sultanov, G.M. Akhmedova Heat capacity and thermodynamic properties of TICoS2. 20  
    E.M. Kerimova, S.N. Mustafaeva, S.I. Mekhtieva, Firuza M. Hashimzade Photo-, roentgen-sensitivity and roentgenoampere characteristics of TllnSe2- TlSbSe2 system single crystals. 22  
    T.M. Veliev, S.A. Abbasov, MJ. Zeinalova, Z.C. Efendieva The influence of the thermoprocessing on deformation properties and physical structures of polymer compositions. 25  
    S.G. Rzayev. 2.M. Zakhrabekova The determination of the nature of deep levels in silicon p-n junctions. 28  
    L.M. Valiev. Sh.O. Orudzheva. A.I. Ahmedov Peculiarities of electric and galvanomagnetic properties of Co(1-x)FexCr2S4 (x=0.1; 0.5: 0.9) system. 31  
    A.R. Hasanov of photoelastic effect and some ideas on their application. 33  
    E.S. Mamedov The modeling of the two-dimensional potential in the charge-coupled device -structures. 36  
    A.G. Sultanova Thermostimulated conductivity in ZnGa2Se4. 39  
    N.T. Suleymanova, I.N. Alieva, D.L Aliev. N.M. Godjayev Conformational study of the N-terminal pentapeptide from Guanylyl cyclase A. 41  
    Ch. Abilov. C.A. Zeynalov The equation for liquidus line of the In2Te3-Co3Te4 system phase diagram. 45  
    F.I. Ismailov Method and technical solutions of informativitv increase of actinometric measurements. 47  
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