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      Fizika, 2008,vol.XIV, 4

    S.D. Alekperov A study of surface morphology of zeolite (mazit) by atomic force microscopy. 3  
    R.B. Quliyev, B.M. Azizov, A.A. Abbaszadeh The usage of artificial neural circuits for processing of satellite measurement. 7  
    T.D. Ibragimov, N.J. Ismailov, E.A. Allahverdiyev, I.S. Hasanov, G.M. Bayramov, A.R. Imamaliev Influence of preliminary argon ion bombadement of silicon and germanium substrates on orientation of liquid crystalline molecules. 10  
    N.N. Niftiyev, O.B. Tagiev, M.B. Muradov, F.M. Mamedov, U.F. Kasumov Dielectric properties of FeIn2S4. 18  
    T.G. Dilbazov, N.Y. Yagubzade, S.A. Suleymanova, R.B. Abbasova The dependence of the resolution of diffraction systems on the screen distance. 21  
    E.A. Masimov, K.D. Huseynov, B.G. Pashayev, H.Sh. Hasanov The activation parameters of viscous flow and thermal proporties in etilpropionat. 24  
    V.M. Aliev, S.S. Ragimov, R.I. Selim-zade, A.N. Mammadova The influence of the substitution of calcium by zinc on thermal conductivity and thermal power of Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3OX. 29  
    H.A. Hasanov Hall effect and conductivity in porous silicon with low porosity on the base of Si. 31  
    H.H. Asadov, T.M. Aliyeva, I.M. Mirzabalayev, I.G. Choban-zadeh Development of high - accuracy ground system for registration of airglow. 34  
    M.A. Mukhtarov Hamiltonian reduction for non-abelian conformal affine toda theories. 39  
    N.M. Abdullayev Roentgenographic investigation of Bi2Te3-Bi2Se3 and Bi2Te3-Bi2Se3 films. 43  
    E.Sh.Gadjiyev, S.Z. Jafarova, I.Kh. Mamedov Atom radial distribution in amorphous films Yb1-xSmxAs2Te4 . 46  
    T.M. Ahmedov Wave diffraction on plane belt with different surface impedance. 48  
    E.A. Akhundova Exact solvable nonlinear partial differential equations and their new solutions . 54  
    Yu.G. Asadov, A.G. Babayev, Yu.I. Aliyev, D.I. Ismaylov, R.D. Aliyeva The measurements of thermal-expansion coefficient in Cu2-xTe crystals (x=0; 0,10; 0,15; 0,20; 0,25) by X-ray method. 56  
    D. Masti Determination of incoherent neutron scattering cross section in zirconium element by MCNP4C code 61  
    A.M. Gashimov, K.B. Gurbanov, G.J. Guseinov Electronic technology of ozone synthesis. 65  
    M.Yu. Seyidov, R.A. Suleymanov, T.G. Mamedov, R.A. Khamoyev TlGaSe2 is Peierls dielectric. 67  
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