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      Fizika, 2009,vol.XV, 1

    S.D. Alekperov Surface image artifacts connected with the geometry an atomic force microscope tipSurface image artifacts connected with the geometry an atomic force microscope tip. 3  
    Sh.M. Abbasov, G.T. Agaverdiyeva, H.M. Mehdevi, I.R. Nuriyev, Z.A. Ibrahimov, U.T. Farajova, R.A. Ibrahimova Investigation of electrophysical and photoelectrical properties of Ge1-XSiŇ /Ge heterostructures obtained by molecular-beam epitaxy method 7  
    H.H. Asadov, S.T. Suleymanov, I.Sh. Maharramov, T.M. Aliyeva Synthesis of multiwavelengthmeters of atmospheric low gases and aerosol. 10  
    Sh.M. Abbasov, B.A. Suleymanov, A.J. Mikailova Distrubution of natural radionuclides in central regions of Azerbaijan. 15  
    S.H. Abdullayeva, N.N. Musayeva, R.B. Jabbarov, C. Pelosi, G. Attolini, M. Bosi, B. Clerjaud, P. Benalloul, C. Barthou GaInPn/Si heterostructure growth by metal-organic vapour phase epitaxy 18  
    O.B. Abdinov, F.T. Khalil - ZADE, S.S. Rzaeva SU(3)C x SU(3)L x U(1) x Ux(1) model of electroweak interaction and electric charge quantization 24  
    E.Sh. Hajiyev Investigation of structure and crystallization kinetics of Yb3(1-§)Sm§As4S9 OF amorphous nanothickness films by electronography method 34  
    I.G. Aliev, E.M. Rzazade Solar collectors mode of work and secondary optimization operational characteristics 37  
    H.A. Hasanov Charge carrier transfer in porous silicon formed on the surface of silicon of n-type 40  
    M.A. Ramazanov , S.J. Kerimli, S.A. Abasov The change of thermal properties of composite materials on the base of polymers and magnetic addition under magnetic field influence . 44  
    H.└. Gasanov Thermoelectromotive force of two-dimensional electronic gas 46  
    D.I. Ismailov, N.╩. ╩erimova Electron diffraction investigation of crystallization kinetics of AgInSe2 amorphous films 48  
    G.J. Guseynov Experimental investigation of factor influence acting on ozone quantity in atmosphere 50  
    R.N. Mehdizadeh Influence of the electric field configuration in the discharge interval on charging of dielectric materials 53  
    E.Sh. Hajiyev, A.I. Madadzade, D.I. Ismailov Crystallization kinetic parameters of Yb1-xSmxAs4S7(§=0,02 at.%)amorphous films 56  
    R.F. Babaeva Any peculiarities of photoconductivity and electroluminescence in monoselenides of qallium and indium 58  
    S.K. Abdullayev, A.I. Mukhtarov, M.Sh. Gojayev Double spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive dis 61  
    └.└. Agasiyev, E.╠. Magerramov, J.H. Jabbarov, ╠.Z. Mammadov, N.N. Godjayev Influence of interatomic distance change on linear dimensions of solid state 68  
    R.G. Veliyev Paramagnertic susceptibility and electrical conduction of layered magnets Tl(Cr,Mn,Co)S2. 70  
    N.I. Ibragimov, V.G. Agayev Electrographic layers from trigonal selenium chemically refined and doped by sodium in binding 73  
    E.└. Eyvazov, └.S. └lmamedova, Sh.Kh. Khalilov, S. Sh. ╩urbanov, S.└. Zeynalov Electron viscosity of liquid alkali metals 76  
    Ch.O. Kadjar, O.A. Aliyev, S.T. Azizov, K.E. Zulfugarzade, G.M. Askerov, A.J. Khalilov Dielectric properties of non-associated liquids in low-frequency region 79  
    F.╩. └leskerov, S.Sh. Kagramanov , ╠.G. Pishkin, ┼.╠. Derun VIcinal forms and local pyramides of nano-fragment growth between Bi2Te3 81  
    E.R. Gasanov, Pasoul Nezhad Hosseyn , B.Z. Aliyev Internal oscillations of current carrier concentrations in impurity semiconductors 85  
    S.G. Abdulvahabova, N.Sh. Barkhalova, T.O. Bayramova The polarization effects of the n-9Be neutron elastic scattering 88  
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