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      Transactions, 2005,vol.XXV, 5

    M.M.Babaev, Ò.Ì.Gàssym Thermo-electric and thermo-magnetic effects of hot electrons under the conditions of strong mutual electron-phonon drag. 3  
    F.T. Khalil–Zade, B.I.Mekhdiyev, X.A.Mustafayev Extended supersummetric model of leptons and quarks. Part I. 13  
    R.G.Jafarov A new nonperturbative method and Bethe-Salpeter equation in quantum electrodynamics. 19  
    G.I.Abutalybov, V.Z.Qasymov, A.A.Mamedov Spectral–luminescence properties of Er+3 ions in La2S33Ga2S3 semiconductor glasses . 27  
    S.Z.Dzhafarova, A.A.Dovlatov Low-temperature investigation of influence of doped on the optical properties in InSe crystals. 33  
    R.N.Rahimov, D.H.Arasly, A.A.Khalilova, M.I.Aliyev On resonance phonons scattering in the solid solutions A3B5 compounds. 38  
    R.M.Sardarli, O.A.Samedov, A.I.Nadjafov, A.P.Abdullayev, E.A.Zeynalova, J.H.Jabbarov Anizotrophy of hopping conductivity in TlGaSe2 crysta. 45  
    R.S.Madatov, V.G.Gasumova, N.A.Safarov, G.M.Ahmedov Short-wave photosensivity in the irradiated silicon photoconverters with optical coverings. 51  
    F.N.Abdullayev, G.H.Huseynov, R.D.Kurbanova, N.A.Abdullayev Mechanism of electrical conductivity in GåNi3Te5 monocrystals. 56  
    V.K.Kazimova, Z.M.Zeynalov, H.Kh.Azhdarov Distribution of In-impurity in Ge-Si crystals, grown by the modified bridgman method using Ge seed crystal. 61  
    M.K.Kerimov, M.A.Kurbanov, G.M.Geydarov, M.A.Nuriev Features of creation of electroacoustic transducers the basis of piezocomposite elements. 66  
    A.Sh.Abdinov, R.F.Babaeva, A.T.Bagirova, R.M.Rzaev, G.Kh.Eyvazova Features of electrical instabilities in InSe single crystals,doped by rare elements. 73  
    R.S.Madatov, A.R.Nadjafov, Sh.P.Shekili, T.B.Tagiyev Injection current in the irradiated layered monocristals of sulfide of gallium. 78  
    F.N.Abdullayev, T.G.Kerimova, N.A.Abdullayev Method of measuring of resistivity of samples of layered crystals. 83  
    A.I.Najafov Dielectric dispersion, polarization and pyroelectric properties on TlInS2 doped by bor. 95  
    Z.F.Agayev, G.Z.Bagiyeva, E.A.Allahverdiyev, J.Sh.Abdinov Non-homogenity of electrical properties of single crystals PbTe. 100  
    E.F.Gambarov Raman specter and photoluminescence (PL) characterization of SrGa2S4:Eu thin films prepared by flash evaporation method. 105  
    N.N.Lebedeva, V.I.Orbukh, Ye.Yu.Bobrova About the formation of the low resistive gas condition above a semiconducting electrode surface in the prebreakdown regime. 111  
    S.N.Mustafaeva, A.A.Ismailov Injection currents in TlInS2 single crystal. 116  
    Z.M.Zakhrabekova, Z.M.Zeynalov, H.Kh.Azhdarov Distribution of al-impurity along the Ge-Si uniform crystals, grown by the modified czochralski method using Si feeding rod. 119  
    Sh.M.Alekperova, G.S.Hadjieva, I.A.Akhmedov Negativ resistans, switching and memory effekt in the MIM and MSM, MIS structures for the silver chalkogenides. Part I. 123  
    M.G.Kyazumov, G.G.Guseinov, M.G.Kazimov, L.V.Rustamova Electron diffraction investigation of Fe0,5Ga0,5InS3, Fe0,25Ga0,5In1,25S3 and Fe0,75Ga0,25InS3 crystals. 129  
    Q.T.Gasanov, A.N.Mammadova Determination of temperature dependence of liquid’s capacity. 136  
    E.R.Gasanov, R.K.Gasimova Fluctuation of a current in two-valley semiconductors at the presence of external constant magnetic field. 140  
    M.M.Mirabutalybov Giant dipole and quadrupole resonance in nucleus. 144  
    À.A.Garibov, N.G.Gasanov, M.A.Mehrabova Photolysis H2O and CO2 on the surface of graphite like boron nitride. 149  
    J.T.Safarov Investigation of the vapor pressure of LiI+CH3OH solutions using a static method. 152  
    M.M.Asadov, A.S.Abbasov Calculation of dissolution enthalpy binary ionic compounds. 158  
    Ò.B.Gurbanov, V.A.Neymetli, F.R.Hashimova Way of increase the overall performance of compound piezoelectric converters. 162  
    E.A.Eyvazov,A.U.Makhmudov,S.M.ShaHagiyev,A.A.Abbasova Semi-phenomenological approach to surface tension of liquids. 168  
    S.Sh.Kahramanov Influence by doped by a complex impurity on mechanical and thermoelectric parameters. 172  
    E.R.Gasanov, M.F.Novruzov Fluctuations of a current in firm bodies at presence an electric field, a gradient of temperature and a magnetic field. 176  
    M.A.Mehrabova, Z.A.Jahangirli Electron structure of defects and impurities A3B6 type semiconductors. 180  
    M.I.Valiyev, R.M.Kasimov, Ch.O.Kadjar Dielectric relaxation of di-acetone alcohol. 185  
    R.N.Mehdizadeh Technological aspects of electrodischarge modifying of dielectric materials surface. 190  
    M.R.Metskhvarishvili, I.R.Metskhvarishvili, I.P.Kekelidze, L.R.Khorbaladze, I.Mjavanadze Penetration of magnetic fields into the Josephson structure: critical state. 195  
    K.Z. Nuriyev Mass–spectrometry of metals by the method of secondary ions emission. 199  
    I.J.Islamov New approach to definition of potential of the electric field created by set distribution in space of electric charges. 205  
    E.A. Kazimov About defining physical-rheological properties of composite systems with elastic bases. 215  
    R.M.Musayev, M.A.Aliyev, R.S.Babayev, X.G.Agamirov Summary on studying the mechanism of formation of empty hydrate cell on the basis of the energetic changes among the molecules. 220  
    A.R.Hasanov, R.A.Allahverdizade Kh.I.Abdullayev Distortions of signals in acousto-optic delay lines with direct detecting. 225  
    M.A.Hasanov Electrodischarge treatment of bentonite clay for waste clearing. 230  
    N.Z. Ismailov, N.Y.Ahmedova, A.A.Aliyeva Research of stability of the spectrometer of focus Kassegren of 2-m telescope SHAO. 234  
    S.H.Aliyev, S.G.Zeynalov Study of non-homogenioucity of surface of magnetic CP-stars. 239  
    N.B.Soltanova The institute of Physic Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR (1945-1955). 247  
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