10 Oktober 2022

English Course Offering Announcement

The Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences is collaborating with the U.S. Embassy Baku and the Virtual English Language Educator Program to offer English classes that will help to support you in reaching your academic goals. The courses will focus on developing the English skills necessary for conversing and collaborating with international colleagues, writing research papers that conform to academic expectations in your field, and developing the language and pragmatic skills to achieve these goals.


When: We are looking for interested applicants who will have time to fully commit to attending these courses for 2-3 hours per week in the evenings from October 17th to December 30th. Full attendance is a requirement of participation in these courses.

Where: The courses will take place completely online.

Who: The course will be taught by a Virtual English Language Fellow from the United States who specializes in teaching writing to graduate students in STEM fields. Only students who demonstrate the most motivation and identify the relevance of the course for their future professional or academic goals will be selected.

Next Steps: Those who are interested must fill out the application form at the following link by Friday, October 7th at the latest: