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19 June 2017

19.07.2017-28.08.2017, Austria

XV European Conference on Innovations in Technical and Natural Sciences (https://ew-a.org/ru/conference/42278/)

We invite students and graduate students to participate in the conference of all forms of study, doctorants, employees of educational institutions,regardless of the country of residence.
Articles in the conference proceedings are accepted until July 19, 2017 inclusive. Samples of the presented articles are:  Mendeleev A. New approaches to the Periodic Law//Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Innovations in Technical and Natural Sciences. «East West» Association for Advanced Studies and Higher Education GmbH. Vienna. 2017. P. 112-117.
The period of the submission of electronic certificates and the electronic version of the proceedings are up to 25 working days after the end of the acceptance of articles.
The period of publication and submission of the printed proceedings are up to 15 working days after the presentation of the electronic version.

9 June 2017

Dear colleagues, authors of articles and readers of the magazine "AJP Fizika"
Published a printed version of the first issue of the magazine "AJP Fizika", 2017

2 June 2017

ICSCCW – 2017, August, 24-25, 2017, Budapest, Hungary

9th International Conference On Theory and Application of Soft Computing, Calculation with Words and Perceptions

Dear colleagues,

Let we invite you to participate in 9th International Conference on theory and application of Soft Computing, calculation with words an perceptions (ICSCCW – 2017) that will be held in August, 24-25, 2017 in Budapest. The articles presented in conference will be published in Proceedings of Computer Science Journal (indexed in Conference Proceedings Citation Index, Web of Science and Scopus).


29 th of June, 2017, 11:00 at 11:00 o’clock

The presentation of the doctorant thesis to obtain the title of Doctor of Philosophy in Physics on speciallity 2203.01-"Electronics"

Tarlan Ibrahimov

“Photoelectric parameters of HgCdTe epitaxial layers have been grown on groove-patternet CdZnTe substrate”

will be held at the meeting of the D01.011 Dissertation Council at academician H.M. Abdullayev Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan NAS

14th of June, 2017, at 11:00 o’clock

The presentation of the doctorant thesis to obtain the title of Doctor of Philosophy in Biology on speciallities: 2406.01-"Biophysics" and 2411.01 -"Physiology of human and animal"

Rugia Tairaga gizi Guliyeva
“Role of Selenium in the oxidative processes induced by electric field of high tension and UV-irradiation in Г-6-ФДГ scarce erythrocytes"

will be held at the meeting of the D01.011 Dissertation Council at academician H.M. Abdullayev Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan NAS

31th of May, 2017, at 11:00 o'clock

The presentation of the doctorant thesis to obtain the title of Doctor of Science in Physics on speciallity 2203.01-"Electronics"

Sakina Bahman gizi Kazimova
“Higher-order effects in rotational spectra of certain monoatomic alcohols”

will be held at the meeting of the D01.011 Dissertation Council at academician H.M. Abdullayev Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan NAS

day.az 03.05.2017 09:34

Presidium of ANAS presents results of elections to the Academy membership

At the general meeting of the Academy held on May 2, 2017 the following scientists were elected:
Mamedov Nazim Timur oglu - full member;
Nakhmedov Enver Pirverdi oglu - full member;
Gasymov Ogtay Kazym oglu - corresponding member;
Mehdiyeva Salima Ibrahim gizi - corresponding member.



Outstanding physicist Ovsat Abdinov

Institute of Physics of ANAS regretfully informs that Ovsat Bahram oglu Abdinov, corresponding member of ANAS, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor died on (in) October, 29, 2016 at the age of 72 after a long illness. Ovsat Bahram oglu Abdinov was born on February 23, 1944 in Belokan city, Azerbaijan. He graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Baku State University in 1966. He defended the Ph.D. thesis in 1972 and the doctoral thesis in 1972. We confidently assert that the word combination “for the first time” is the beginning of each academic and organizational work of Ovsat Bahram oglu Abdinov. It is impossible to overestimate the merits of a prominent scientist Ovsat Bahram oglu Abdinov in the creation, development and training of national personnel for the first time in Azerbaijan in the field of high energy physics. Especially, his wide knowledge, inexhaustible energy, talent in organization and search of young specialists led to creation of his own school in this field of sciences that can serve as an example for future generations. The theoretical description of hadron-nuclear interaction processes is the main direction of scientific investigations of Ovsat Bahram oglu Abdinov. He was the first who proposed a theoretical hypothesis of the cluster formation in light nuclei, which further was experimentally proved. Subsequently this hypothesis was reflected in a number of scientific works that have international fame. The laboratory headed by Ovsat Abdinov worked jointly first with Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna, Russia) and Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP, Serpukhov, Russia) and then with European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN, Switzerland) that is one of the leading international scientific world centers. The creation and expansion of these relations of Azerbaijan with CERN paved the way for the participation of Azerbaijan scientists in the grand experiment of the present time, the experiment on the Large Hadron Collider. However, he never interrupted the connections with Dubna. He was the staff member of JINR, took part in joined scientific investigational works with colleagues from Dubna, the deputy of authorized representative of the government of Azerbaijan Republic in JINR, the member of JINR Scientific Council. Creation of the first national GRID segment in Azerbaijan is associated with the name of Ovsat Abdinov. GRID-segments were firstly created under his direct supervision in Ganga Department of Institute of Geology of ANAS. The formation of informational GRID - infrastructure in Azerbaijan and its wide application in scientific research takes the special place in Ovsat Abdinov’s activity. We can say confidently that He was the author of the first GRID-segment created in Azerbaijan. Ovsat Abdinov dedicated near 20 years of his scientific activity to investigation carried out within the framework of ATLAS collaboration. As a result of these investigations he achieved the fundamental results in this field. We state proudly that Ovsat Abdinov was the one of the co-authors of the article dedicated to the most amazing discovery of this century, the discovery of a new type of quant of the Higgs field that is Standard Model Higgs boson responsible for spontaneous break of electroweak symmetry and the acquisition of fundamental particles mass. It should be noted that Pieter Higgs and Francoise Engler were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for the theory on the insertion of the Higgs boson. Ovsat Abdinov was the famous scientific representative of Azerbaijan intelligentsia not only in our republic but globally. He was the organizer of International conferences, invited plenary speaker at the famous International conferences, presenter of the high level reports at different scientific conferences. He repeatedly was the winner of a number of grants, as in the former Soviet Union as well as in Azerbaijan. The group of scientists from Azerbaijan headed by Ovsat Abdinov and participated in ATLAS experiments on Large Hadron Collider not accidentally took the first place and was awarded by Thomson Reuter, being the leading world information center and database, for the highest number of citations on their article dedicated to Higgs boson discovery. With regret we say that because of his death, he could not be competed a number of planned scientific and organizational works, which are inherited by his students. It is hoped that this work will be carried out and continued by created by him scientific school for the benefit of the Azerbaijan science.

May Allah bless his soul!

Director of Institute received the letter of thanks from Japan Society of Applied Physics

Director of Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences received the letter of thanks from Japan Society of Applied Physics. It expresses the gratitude to Nazim Mamedov Associate Member of ANAS for a reviewer of Applied Physics Express (APEX) or Japanese journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) published by the Society for more than 10 years. APEX/JJAP publishes the latest results and achievements in the field of applied physics.

Director of Institute of Physics is elected as the editor of the journal «Physics», publishing house «MAYFEB»

Nazim Mamedov, director of Institute of Physics Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Associate of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences is elected as the editor of the journal «Physics», published by Canadian Publishing House «MAYFEB». There have been published scientific, technical and medical literatures throughout the world. The main trend of «MAYFEB» is the knowledge development within science and technology, including exchange of information and views researches. «MAYFEB» publishes 20 licensed open scientific journals. There are hundreads of editors and thousands of reviewers from different countries in Publishing House «MAYFEB».

Team of Institute of Physics are winners of III Football Championship for Young Scientists and Experts of ANAS

In may 13 th III Football Championship for Young Scientists and Experts of ANAS dedicated to the national leader Heydar Aliyev`s birthday has been completed/ the final matches were between the teams of Institute of Physics and Institute of Geology and Geophysics. The team of Institute of Physics won with a score 5:3.
Academician Akif Alizade, Prezident of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences spoke at the closing ceremony and congratulated the winners. He mentioned that Institute of Physics has made great progress in science and expanded international relations. Winner team of Institute of Physics shows that they are leading as in the science as in sport. A.Alizade also indicates that games are hold in democratic way and at high level, and arbiters are right at the matches. Sitara Bagirova, member of ANAS Presidium of Trade Union, chairman of Institute of Physics trade union committee, dr. of philosophy congratulated the team and wishes them to score big successes in future.

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President Bush Attends Washington International Renewable Energy Conference WIREC-2008

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