2020   01   en   p.03-12 S.К. Abdullaev, E.Sh. Omarova,
Polarization effects at Higgs boson decay H ⇒ ƒƒ‾𝛾


In the framework of the Standard Model, the process of the radiation decay of Higgs boson into a fermion-antifermion pair was studied: H ⇒ ƒƒ‾𝛾. Taking into account the spiralities of fermions and circular polarization of the -quanta an analytical expression is obtained for the decay width. The mechanisms of bremsstrahlung of a photon by a fermion pair, as well as fermion and W-boson loop diagrams, are considered in detail. The circular polarization of the
𝛾-quanta was studied depending on the angle and the invariant mass x of the fermion pair.

Keywords: Standard Model, Higgs boson, fermion pair, circular polarization, decay width.
PACS: 12.15-у, 12.15 Mm, 14.70 Нр, 14.80 Bn.

Received: 02.12.2019


23, Z. Khalilova str., Baku State University, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ 1148
E-mail: sabdullayev@bsu.edu.az, emiliya.abdullayeva@inbox.ru

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