2021   02   en   p.03-07 Sh.Sh. Amirov,
Spectrum of laser pulses in the first order dispersion theory


Analytic expression for the spectral density of ultra short laser pulses in metamaterials (NIM) in the first order dispersion theory was obtained. Effects of group velocity delay (GVD), the phase detuning as well as the phase modulation on the spectral density of signal wave are theoretically studied. Narrowing of the spectrum of signal wave and shift of its maxima toward smaller values of frequency with increase in the GVD are observed. At characteristic lengths differ from zero maxima of spectral density are obtained not at zero values of frequency but at its different values. It is shown, that an increase in phase detuning leads to decrease in the maxima of spectral density as well as to their shift toward larger values of frequency modulation parameter, but increase in group velocity delay leads to increase in the maxima and shift toward smaller values of frequency modulation parameter for the same phase detuning.

Keywords: Metamaterials, first order dispersion, group velocity delay, phase modulated pulse.
PACS: 78.67.Pt ; 42.65-k; 42.62 Hk ; 42.70-a


Received: 01.03.2021


Faculty of Physics, Baku State University, 23 Z. Khalilov str., Az-1148, Baku, Azerbaijan
Department of Medical and Biological Physics, Azerbaijan Medical University 167 S.Vurgun str., Az-1022, Baku, Azerbaijan
Department of Physics and Electronics, Khazar University, 41 Mahsati str., Az 1096, Baku, Azrbaijan
E-mail: phys_med@mail.ru

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