2022   01   en   p.43-45 T.D. Ibragimov, I.S. Ramazanova, G.Kh. Guseynova, U.V. Yusifova, A.F. Nuraliyev,
Dielectric properties of polyethylene doped with barium titanate particles


The frequency and temperature dependences of the real part of the dielectric permittivity of high-density polyethylene with the addition of monodisperse barium titanate particles are studied. The experimental data are compared with the Maxwell-Garnett and Brugemann theories.

Keywords: barium titanate; high density polyethylene, dielectric permittivity; electric conductivity, composite material.
PACS: 77.55.+f , 77.84._s , 77.84.Dy, 77.84.Lf, 81.07.Pr , 82.35.Np

Received: 09.02.2022


Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan 131, H. Javid ave., Baku, АZ 1143
E-mail: tdibragimov @mail.ru

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