2022   01   en   p.46-51 M.G. Kazumov, S.M. Rzayeva, L.V. Rustamova,
The investigation of thin single-crystal films of Fe0,75Ga0,25InS3, MnGaInS4 and Fe0,25Ga0,5In1,25S3 crystals by rotation electron diffraction pattern


The new 2H-polytypes with space group Р63mc of Fe0,75Ga0,25InS3 crystals (with lattice parameters a=3,78 Å, c=24,44Å) and MnGaInS4 crystals (with lattice parameters 3,80Å, c=24,55Å) are identified by electron diffraction patterns obtained by tilt and further rotation of crystal holder (CH) with single-crystal film (SCF). 3R-polytype of Fe0,25Ga0,5In1,25S3 crystal with parameters a=3.78Å, с=36.78Å, sp. gr. R3m is also identified. Fe0,75Ga0,25InS3 single-crystal film evenly lies on CH surface but SCF of MnGaInS4 and Fe0,25Ga0,5In1,25S3 crystals are located under some angle to CH plane. In MnGaInS4 case the scheme explaining the origin of some reflections located on nonstandard positions (outside ellipse lines) is given. Such scheme can be used in further electron diffraction structural investigations of nano-objects arbitrarily oriented on CH.

Keywords: electron diffraction, new rotation methods, structure of inorganic compounds.
PACS: 61.05.-a, 61.14.-x, 61.66.Fn.

Received: 14.02.2022


Institute of Physics of ANAS, AZ 1143, H.Javid, 131, Baku, Azerbaijan
E-mail: rzayevasitare@gmail.com, eaisaeva@mail.ru

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