2022   02   en   p.21-23 R.A. Hasanova,
Theoretical study of electronic properties of Ag2Te


The electronic band structure and density of state calculations were performed for the low-temperature modification of a silver chalcogenide - β-Ag2Te through Atomistic Simulation Software Quantum ATK. The structures are characterized by three, four and five coordinations of silver by the chalcogen. According to the band structure calculations, β-Ag2Te is semiconductor with an about 0.1–0.2 eV forbidden zone. The calculations have shown that β-Ag2Te has a very low DOS in the energy range from about –0.1 to +0.5 eV.

Keywords: electronic band structure, chalcogenide, density of state, silver, semiconductor.
PACS: 72.25.Pa; 71.23.An

Received: 05.04.2022


Institute of Physics of Azebaijan NAS H. Javid ave 131, Baku, AZ-1143

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