2022   02   en   p.52-57 E.R. Hasanov1,2, G.M. Mammadova2, Sh.G. Khalilova2,
Excitation of unstable waves in multi-valley semiconductors GaAs type in external electric and strong magnetic fields


Using the Boltzmann kinetic equation, the frequency of excited waves in two-valley semiconductors of the GaAs type in external electric and strong magnetic fields ( μH>c ) is theoretically calculated. Analytical expressions are found for the critical electric field at which an unstable electromagnetic wave is excited. A characteristic expression for the magnetic field is found. The oscillation frequency of the electric field is calculated in three cases: 1) H=Hchar , 2) H>Hchar ,
3) H<Hchar . It is found that the frequency of the excited waves has the highest value in the case of H>Hchar . It has been proven that the geometry of the sample Lx , Ly , Lz must be determined when unstable waves are excited inside the sample. The ratios between the sizes Lx , Ly , Lz are found. The directions of the external electric and magnetic fields significantly affect the frequencies of the excited waves. The theoretical calculation was carried out at E0 || H0 .

Keywords: effect Gunn’s, Boltzmann equation, multi-valley semiconductors, external electric field, magnetic field, increment, frequency.
PACS: 78,55, 73.22.CD, 73.22

Received: 17.05.2022


1. Baku State University Acad. Z. Khalilov,str.23, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic
2. Institute of Physics, ANAS, AZ-1143, H. Javid 131, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic
E-mail shahlaganbarova@gmail.com

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