2022   04   en   p.57-60 R.М. Мamedov,
Luminescence and photoconductivity of CdS upon multiphoton excitation


The luminescence and kinetics of photocurrent relaxation in thin CdS films upon excitation by light from a Nd:YAG laser were studied experimentally. Comparison of the luminescence spectra under single-photon excitation with the spectra under two- and three-photon excitation showed that there is no free exciton line in the luminescence spectrum under bulk excitation. The effect of impurities on the luminescence spectra and photocurrent relaxation curves upon excitation by the 1st-3rd laser harmonics is studied.

Keywords: CdS, photocurrent relaxation, multiphoton absorption, luminescence.
PACS: 78.20.−e; 78.40.−q


Received: 05.12.2022


Baku State University, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1148, st. Z. Khalilova 23
E-mail: rovshan63@rambler.ru

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