2024   01   en   p.08-13 M.M. Tagiyev1,2, G.D. Abdinova2, I.A. Abdullaeva3, X.F. Alieva2, T.I. Pirieva2, A.A. Jabiyeva1,
K.N. Aliyeva4,
Effect of annealing on the thermoelectric properties of extruded bulk nanostructured samples of the Bi0,85Sb0,15 solid solution


Extruded bulk nanostructured samples of the Bi0,85Sb0,15 solid solution were obtained from particles with an average size of ~2105; 950; 650; 380; 30 and 15 nm and their thermoelectric properties were investigated in the range of ~77-300K. The samples that had not undergone heat treatment and the same samples that had undergone heat treatment were examined. It was found that the electrical and thermal properties of the Bi0,85Sb0,15 solid solution samples significantly depend on the size of nanoparticles and post-extrusion heat treatment. Heat treatment leads to a decrease in the concentration of current carriers, an increase in the mobility of current carriers and the overall thermal conductivity of the studied samples, which is mainly due to the electronic component of thermal conductivity.

Keywords: extrusion, annealing, solid solution, nanoparticle, texture.
PACS: 72.15 Eb, 7350 It


Received: 08.02.2024
Internet publishing: 27.06.2024


1. Azerbaijan State Economic University, Baku city, Istiglaliyat str.,6. AZ-1001, Baku, Azerbaijan.
2. Institute of Physics named after G.B. Abdullaev Ministry of Science and Education. AZ-1143, H. Javid ave.,131, Baku, Azerbaijan.
3. Institute of Radiation Problems of the Ministry of Science and Education. AZ 1143, B. Vahabzade Ave., 9, Baku, Azerbaijan.
4. Azerbaijan Food Safety Institute. Suleyman Sani Akhundov 73C, Baku, Azerbaijan. AZ-1124.
E-mail: mail_tagiyev@mail.ru

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