2024   02   az   p.35-38 1M.H. Huseynaliyev, 2H.S. Seyidli,
Formulas for transition between ellirsometric parameters (between ψ, Δ and ε1, ε2)


In this work formulas for the transition from polarization angle curves ψ (E) and Δ (E) to curves of the real and imaginary parts ε1 (E) and ε2) (E) of the complex dielectric function, which are ellipsometric parameters, have been developed. The transition formulas we obtained were applied to experimental measurements and compared the results. It has been established that the dependences ε1 (E) and ε2) (E) calculated from experimental dependences ψ (E) and Δ (E) using the transition formulas, completely coincide with the experimental dependences ε1 (E) and ε2) (E) with the accuracy of a constant factor.

Keywords: ellipsometry, polarization angles, complex dielectric function, real part, imaginary part, transition formulas, experimental dependence.
UOT: 537. 533. 3


Received: 24.04.2024
Internet publishing: 27.06.2024


1. Institute of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan, 76 H. Aliyev ave. Nakhchivan city Az-7000
2. Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, 68 U. Hajibeyli, Baku, Az-1000
E-mail: mamedhuss@mail.ru

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