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      Fizika, 1995,vol.I, 1

    F.N.Kaziev,Sh.M.Kuliev, F.N.Guseynov,R.I.Mukhtarova Sweet-out type p-Hg0,8Cd0,2Te photodetectors with encreased area 7  
    M.I. Abdullayev, I.R. Nuriyev, E.Sh. Alekperov Determination of polarity on InAs single crystal faces by the external photoeffect method 14  
    S.K. Abdulvagabova, S.A. Gadjiev The emission in the nuclear reactions /p,t/,/t,p/. 20  
    A.M. Pashyev, A.B. Medjidov, R.M. Aliyev, R.A. Alkizade, T.R. Mekhtiev Dark conductivity and optical absorption in amorphous Ga2Se3 films. 27  
    E.A.Akhundova, M.A. Mukhtarov Wigner functions of a quantum damped oscillator 34  
    A.M. Pashaev, A.R. Gasanov Acousto-optic transformer of time scale 38  
    Sh.M. Nagiyev The q-oscillator model and Regers-Szego polinomials 43  
    S.A. Abbasov,S.V. Mamedov, V.A. Alekperov, T.M. Veliev Investigation of the strength properties and structure of polypropilene and polyethylene based compositions 50  
    S.A. Abasov,Z.Ch Efendieva, J.G.Ragimov, A.M. Tagieva Influence of addition of aminocomplex of crezilditiophosphoric acid on polypropylene thermal destruction process 56  
    O.B. Tagiev, G.A. Kazimova Luminescence of neodymium in (Ga2S3)0,96(Eu2O3)0,04 single crystals 61  
    D.H. Arasly, R.N. Rahimov, I.A. Ismayilov, I.X. Mamedov, V.M. Aliyev Thermal properties of superconductive YBa2Cu3O(7-b) ceramic 68  
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