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      Fizika, 1995,vol.I, 2

    Sh.M. Nagiyev Algebraic treatment of a finite-difference equation for a N-dimensional relativistic Coulomb problem. 5  
    A.I. Isaev, M.I. Mekhtieva, G.K. Akberov, V.Z. Zeinalov,A.K. Rzaev Crystallization stability of materials of chalcogenide-glass-like-semiconductors of Se-As system with additions of halogens. 11  
    L.A.Dadashev On the construction of Quantum mechanics of one relativistic free particle. 18  
    F.M. Seidov, E.M. Kerimova, V.A. Ramazanzade Investigation of TlGaTe2-TlInSe2 systems and electrical properties of Tl2InGaS2Te2 crystals 26  
    A.I. Mamedov, M.A. Kurbanov, M.G. Shakhtakhtinskiy, S.N. Musaeva Dielectric parameters of composition materials over infralow frequencies 31  
    E.R. Kasimov, Ch.O. Qajar, M.A. Kalafy The effect of reflectionless absorption of microwave radiation in acetone-benzene solutions. 37  
    S.T. Kagramanova Investigation of interband transition in highsymmetry points of the Brillouin zone TlGaTe2. 45  
    I.N. Askerzade Specific heat jump of layered superconductors in weak coupling formalism. 51  
    S.A. Aliev, F.F. Aliev, Z.S. Hasanov On the thermal conductivity and the character of electron scattering in Ag2Te at low temperatures. 57  
    T.F.Abbasov, M.M. Kuliev, M.F. Abbasov, M.M. Dadasheva Influence of organic impurity on thermostimulated charge process in polyethilene. 66  
    A.M. Pashaev, A.R. Gasanov Band of acoustooptic delay lines. 73  
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