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      Fizika, 1997,vol.III, 2

    R.S. Madatov, Q.M. Qasimov, T.B. Tagiyev, A.I. Aliyev Conjugate action of radiation and lighting on formation process and annealing of defects in Ge. 3  
    Z.S. Gasanov, S.M. Abdullayev, F.F. Aliyev, S.A. Aliyev Electrons passions by phonons in Ag2S. 6  
    L.A. Dadashev The axiomatics of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. One free particle. 9  
    Sh.M. Alekperova, N.N. Abdulzade, R.G. Ahmedzade, L.A. Ahmedov, G.S. Hajiyeva, N.N. Mursagulov Spectral dependences of optical constants of Ag0,6Cu0,4Se. 13  
    S.A. Abasov, V.A. Alekperov, M.A. Ramazanov, Z.Ch.Efendieva Investigation of charge state of polypropylene containing additions of aminocomplex of crezilditiophosphoric acid 16  
    Z.F.Agayev, R.M.Ismayilov, G.S. Seyidli The investigation VAC CdxHg(1-x)Te in the crossed fields. 19  
    G.Z. Bagiyeva, N.B.Mustafayev, N.G.Sadigov Surface conductivity of extruded samples of Bi0,5Sb1,5Te3 and Bi2Te1,7Se0,3 solid solutions with different bulk resistivity. 22  
    M.I. Aliyev, D.H. Arasly, R.H. Rahimov Phonon scattering in InSb-In2GeTe. 25  
    S.N. Mustafayeva, V.A. Aliyev Hopping DC-conductivity in TlGaS2 single crystals. 27  
    D.M. Kuli-zade The profiles on the D NaI lines in the resolved and unresolved solar spectrum. II. Theoretical profiles of the lines. 30  
    R.Z.Sadygov, L.M.Valiiev, Sh.O. Orudzheva The concentration magnetic phase transition FeInxCr(2-x)S4 (0 33  
    F.K.Isaev, K.A.Askerov, Dzh.I.Karaev, S.A.Orudzheva, R.Yu.Aliev The influence of gamma-ray quantums and impulsive netron irradiation on photoelectric properties of indium selenide single crystals. 35  
    T.G. Kerimova, Sh.S.Mamedov, L.A.Mamedova, N.A.Gasanova, R.A.Guliev Optical spectra of CdGa2S4xSe4(1-x) solid solutions in the region of the boundary-value intrinsic absorption. 38  
    M.I.Veliev, N.Z.Dzalilov, V.Z.Zeinalov The influence of the natrium impurity of the selenium electric condition. 40  
    O.Z.Alekperov Band edge and ultraviolet photoconductivity of g-radiation InSe. 43  
    T.R. Mehtiyev Interlayer interaction in galium selenide. 48  
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