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      Fizika, 1997,vol.III, 3

    R.Kh.Salman-zadeh The differential shifts of Fraunhofer lines in solar spectra. I. A displacement of the atmospheric (telluric) lines. 3  
    R.M.Sardarli, A.P.Abdullayev, G.G.Guseynov, A.I.Nadjafov, N.A.Eyubova The obtaining and investigation of existance range of monosulfide talliy monocline modification. 5  
    R.Kh.Salman-zadeh The differential shifts of Fraunhofer lines in solar spectra. II. The solar "limb-effect". 9  
    O.Z.Alekperov, M.A.Bagirov, T.G.Ismailov Capture of carriers on screened Coulomb centre. 11  
    Kh.N.Vezirov, N.G.Gasimov, I.N.Ibragimov, G.F.Guseinov About calculation of temperature of photocathode based on it's physical parameters. 13  
    K.A.Askerov The influence of ionizing radiation on the photoelectrical properties of GaSxSe(1-x) solid solutions. 16  
    M.N.Abdullaev, N.F.Abdullaev, K.M.Sultanov The influence of spin-lattice coupling on an excitation in triangular lattica Heisenberg antiferromagnet (TLHA). II.Excitation coupling waves. 19  
    K.A.Askerov The influence of ionizing radiation on the main characteristics of the cooled photoresistors on the base of CdxHg(1-x)Te. 22  
    B.G.Tagiyev, N.N.Musaeva Electronic properties of PbGa2Se4 single crystals. 26  
    M.M.Babayev Conductivity of HgTe crystal under conditions of electron and phonon heatings. 31  
    S.I.Mehdiyeva, N.R.Mamedov Photoelectric properties of p-n junction on CdxHg(1-x)Te basis under heating conditions of charge carriers. 33  
    M.M.Zarbaliev Heat condition of solid solutions of system TlInTe2-TldTe2. 35  
    Z.A.Tagiev, M.G.Shakhtakhtinsky, R.J.Kasumova, Sh.Sh.Amirov An effect of linear lasses on the efficiency of higher harmonics generation in mediium. 39  
    B.A.Tairov Temperature dependences of concentration and cyclotron mobility of electrons in alloy of Bi(1-x)Sbx doped by Te. 41  
    Z.A.Ibrsgimov Generation of ultra short tunable infrared pulses. 44  
    V.M.Gadjiev The influence of sized quantization of the kinetic coefficients in n-Ge and n-Si films. 47  
    Z.A.Ibragimov Influence of concentration of glass forming components and pressure on both conductivity and optical properties of vanadium-tellurite glasses. 51  
    E.a.Sadikhov, R.G.Gamidov, E.K.Guseinov Optical feedback in external cavity diode lasers for small displacement measurements. 54  
    K.M.Jafarov Phase formations and phase transitions in Y-Ba-Cu-O system. 57  
    F.D.Kasimov, N.M.Ismailov The investigation of stability of silicon integrated Hall-effect sensors. 59  
    F.F.Kasimova Silicon agnetic sensitivity elements and IC. 62  
    I.G.Pashaev Investigation of properties of contacts of silicon with the Schottky barriers depending on the structure of metallic alloy PbxSb(1-x). 64  
    V.A.Aliyev X-ray scattering in the modulated crystals. 67  
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