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      Fizika, 1998,vol.IV, 1

    A.A. Bayramov The measuring total cross sections of inelastic interactions n~ mesons with freon molecule and bromine nucleus at 5 GeV/c. 3  
    N.N. Aliyev Heatcapacity of the crystallic and quasiglass SiO2-PbO-Ba2O3-K2O-Na2O at low temperature. 6  
    S.A. Aliyev, A.A. Movsum-zadeh, S.S. Ragimov Particularity of electrical properties of n-Bi0,88Sb0,12. 8  
    E.M.Godjayev, Ch.I. Rustamov The roentgenographic investigation and elektrophysical properties of TlInSe2-InGaSe2 alloys systems. 11  
    S.A. Abasov, U.A. Kabulov, M.A. Ramazanov Antistatic properties of polymeric composition on the base of polypropylene and polytetrafluorethylene. 16  
    M.M. Zarbaliyev Electrical and thermal properties os solid solutions of system TlInSe2-TlYbSe2. 19  
    M.K. Kerimov, A.E. Nabiyev, E.Z. Aliyev Photoinduced paramagnetic relaxation in polydiacethylene films. 22  
    B.A. Najafov, S.M. Najafov Optical absorption edge in a-GeO,80Si0,10:Hx films. 25  
    E.M.Kerimova, S.N. Mustafaeva, L.A. Ismailzade, A.Yu. Nadjafov The absorption spectra of layer TlIn(1-x)FexS2 single crystals. 28  
    E.R. Kasimov, S.T.Azizov, R.M. Kasimov, Ch.O. Qajar Dielectric properties and molecular structure of solutions formamid - dioxan and dimethylformamid-diomid - dioxan. 30  
    Z.A. Aliyarova, T.I. Guseynov, N.A. Kardashbekova, N.T. Guseynova, A. Kh. Gasanov The level by level distribution of structural changes in PE to a film caused under action of the electrical categories. 34  
    K.A. Askerov, R.Y. Aliev, D.I. Karaev The influence of ionizing irradiation on the properties of thermoelectric coolers. 38  
    S.A. Jamalova, O.N. Novruzov, A.A. Kasimov, V.A. Huseynova, M.M. Seidrzaeva Research on the influence of conditions of manufacturing of (Ni-Cr-Sb-K)/Al2O3 catalyst on pore-structural characteristics and thermal diffusivity. 40  
    S.A. Zeynalov Thermal conductivity of InSb-GaSb solid solutions of low temperatures. 44  
    R.Kh. Salman-zadeh On optical depths of Fraunhofer lines formation in the solar atmosphere. 47  
    Sh.M. Nagiyev, E.I. Cafarov On phase-space distribution functions for the nonlocal relativistic oscillator. 50  
    A.A. Bayramov Nuclear matter fluctuations. 47  
    K.M. Jafarov Structural transitions in Cu(2-x)MyS crystals (x=0.30, 0.25, 0.20, 0.15; y=0.05; M=Fe, In). 51  
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