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      Fizika, 2001,vol.VII, 2

    F.F.Aliyev, N.A.Verdiyeva Concentration of frequencies of the normal oscillations a- and b--Ag2Te with Ag excess. 3  
    S.D.Demukhamedova, Z.I.Hadjiyev Calculation of frequencies of the normal oscillations of O-tolunitride. 5  
    E.A.Jafarova, Z.A.Iskenderzade, A.L.Shabalov, Sh.A.Alixanova Composite silicon Shottky diodes. 11  
    F.D.Kasimov, S.A.Ismailova, G.P.Kemerchev Photoelectrical properties of polycrystalline silicon films under the influence of pulse IR irradiation. 14  
    Z.F.Agayev, G.Z.Bagiyeva, E.A.Allahverdiyev, Q.M.Murtuzov Thermal conductivity of Pb(1-x)MnxTe system solid solutions. 18  
    L.P.Bichkova, G.G.Gegiadze, O.I.Davarashvili, M.I.Enukashvili, N.P.Kekelidze, M.T.Ebralidze, V.P.Zlomanov, V.A.Aliyev Tensions in isoperiodical heterostructures PbSe(1-y1)Tey1-Pb(1-x)SnxSe(1-y2)Tey2. 21  
    Ch.O.Qajar, S.A.Musaev, E.Ch.Saidov The rotary spectrum of a (CD3)2CDOH molecule in trans-conformation in centimetric and millimetric ranges of wavelength. 25  
    N.I.Ibragimov, V.G.Agayev, Z.M.Abutalibova, N.B.Soltanova Sensitization of the fotosensitivity of electrophotographic layers based on CdInGaS4 heat treatment of fotoconductor in the sulphur vapour. 32  
    M.B.Babayev Some characteristic changes of brightness curves of typical Nova stars. 35  
    M.M.Kurbanov, E.G.Mamedov, D.D.Bayramov, S.D.Mamedov, R.M.Ismaylov The change of phases and thermal expansion of compounds GaSE with iron additions. 38  
    D.A.Talibova Phoyoluminescence of single crystal Cu3In5Se9. 41  
    S.S.Agayev,A.I.Mukhtarov, Y.V.Mamedov mesons infrared renormalon corrected distribution amplitudes and theeg,e'g transition form factors. 43  
    E.S.Garayev, D.A.Talibova Influence of K2So4 on the structure phase in water two-phase systems in polyvinilpirrolidone-dextran. 48  
    S.A.Musayev The millimetr-wave rotational and vibrational-rotational spectrum of gauche-isopropyl alcohol. 50  
    E.K.Guseinov, S.A.Ismailova, F.D.Kasimov The distribution of electrical field under the thermofield doping of silicon. 57  
    M.M.Mirabutalibov Nonrelativistic descriptions of photon-nuclear scattering. 60  
    E.M.Kerimova, S.N.Mustafaeva, S.D.Mamedbeili, A.I.Gasanov, S.M.Bidzinova Roentgenoconductivity of TlGaSe2 single crystals. 64  
    R.B.Jabbarov Photoluminescence of Mn2+ ions in CaGa2S4. 68  
    S.N.Musayeva, M.A.Kurbanov, I.A.Farajzade, R.I.Najafov On the role of interphase space sharges and their related effects in polymer-piezoelectric composites. 71  
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