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      Fizika, 2001,vol.VII, 3

    Z.A. Veliev, N.A. Kardashbayova The capture of holes by edge dislocations with participation of optical phonons in semiconductors. 3  
    F.D. Kasimov Effective planar method of defects gettering. 5  
    S.G. Rzaev Microplasma breakdown of p-n junctions. 8  
    M.M. Panahov The dielectric properties of the ZnS films. 11  
    A.R. Hasanov Acousto-optic methods and devices of signals handling in temporal area. 13  
    Sh.M. Abbasov Semiconductor vibrational frequency-response sensor for pressure measurement. 16  
    S.A. Aliev, S.S. Ragimov, V.M. Aliev, R.I. Selimzadeh The influence of the magnetic field on thermalconductivity and thermal power in Bi-based superconducting ceramics near phase transition point. 19  
    F.F. Aliyev, B.A. Tairov, T.F. Yusifova, M.A. Kerimov, Firuza M. Hashimzadeh Determination of defectformation parameters in Ag2Te. 22  
    A.S. Abbasov, S.I. Mekhtiyeva The semiconducting nanocrystals. 26  
    A.M. Babayev The Kane oscillator. 30  
    G. Karchava, N. Kekelidze, G. Tsintsadze, N, Guskos, P. Euthymiou, V. Aliyev The improvement of the super conducting properties of the YBa2Cu3O7-d compounds by neutrons irradiation. 34  
    O.I. Davarashvili, M.I. Enukashvili, N.P. Kekelidze, L.P. Bychkova, M.T. Ebralidze, V.A. Aliyev Applications of Mid-IR lasers. 37  
    N.G. Darvishov VUV-reflection spectra of plumbum molybdate single crystals. 41  
    N.F. Gahramanov, S.S. Sadulova Lux-ampere characteristics and photocurrent kinetics in Au3In5Se9 crystals. 44  
    N.M. Tabatabaei, A.M. Hashimov, R.N. Mehtizadeh Charging of polymer dielectric under the electrical exposures. 47  
    A.I. Mamedov, S.N. Musayeva, M.A. Kurbanov, A.Sh. Gasanov On influence of structure of piezoelectric phase on pyroelectric properties of polymer-piezoelectric composite. 50  
    K.D. Mzareulov, V.K. Mzareulov Conformational possibilities of the p21ras protein family GTP-bonding fragment. 53  
    S. Moradian, M. Rabie, A. Sabbagh Alvani Pyrylium ferrochloride as a dye laser. 55  
    F.Yu. Asadov, A.I. Movlamverdiyeva, Sh.K. Kazimov,A.G. Babayev Thermodynamical and structural aspects of structural transformations in the monocrystals Cu2Te. 58  
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