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      Fizika, 2001,vol.VII, 4

    M.B. Babayev Binarity of Novae. 3  
    R.K. Mamedov Influence of the additional electrical field on I-V characteristic of real Shottky diodes. 6  
    F.F. Aliev Concentration phase transition in Ag2Te with an excess of Ag. 10  
    Sh.K. Bayramov Graph-theoretic analysis method of non-linear kinetics of biochemical reactions. 13  
    G.B. Ibragimov Alloy disorder scattering-limited electron mobility of the semiconductor thin wires. 18  
    R.S. Ismailova The influence of cocon treatment on the electric properties of the natural silk fibroin. 22  
    S.A. Abbasov, M.A. Ramazanov, Z.E. Mustafaev The mechanical and electric durabilities of polymer compositions on the base of polyvinilidenefluoride and piezoceramics. 24  
    S.D. Demukhamedova, Z.I. Gadjiev The absorption band intensity of the IR - spectrum of the o - tolunitrile molecule. 27  
    I.R. Nuriyev, Kh.D. Jalilova, N.V. Faradjev, A.M. Nazarov Isoperiodic heterojunctions based on Pb1-xSnxSe, PbSe1-xSx epitaxial films. 33  
    M.M. Babayev, T.M. Gassym Thermomagnetic effects of nondegenerate Kane semiconductors under the conditions of mutual electronphonon drag in a strong electric field. 36  
    M.B. Babayev and A.M.Babayeva On the sudden decreases in the brightness of Nova HR Del at the minimum. 43  
    R.Z. Sadikhov, E.M. Kerimova, Y.G. Asadov, R.K. Veliev Magnetic properties of TlMnS2 and TlMnSe2 compounds. 45  
    Erkan Imal,Parviz Ali-Zada, Fethi Goktepe, Ferhat Karaca, Feyzullah Vardarli, Hikmet Kuliev, Emin Gusseynov The electromagnetic hydrocyclone filter forces analyses. 47  
    T.M. Panahov, Z.S. Musayev, I.A. Iskenderov, N.T. Panahov Optical and magnetooptical properties of Ni3Fe(1-x)Tix alloys. 51  
    N.M. Tabatabaei, B.Z. Aliyev, A.Z. Panakhov Temperature dependences of secondary electron emission factors of the tungsten and molybdenum monocrystals. 54  
    L.A. Alieva The investigation of structural, electric and photoelectric properties of n-CdS-p-CdTe heterojunction,obtained by the diffusion annealing. 56  
    F.D.Kasimov, E.S. Mamedov The calculation of the gettering efficiency of the.charge-coupled devices. 59  
    A.R. Imamaliyev, S.Z.Temirniyazova Influence of a surface condition on threshold characteristics of ferroelectric liquid crystals. 62  
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