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      Fizika, 2002,vol.VIII, 3

    A.M. Babayev, O.Z. Alekperov The solution of Kanes equations in magnetic field in Jannussis functions representation. 3  
    E. M. Shahverdiev, R.H. Hashimov, R.A. Nuriev, G.N. Gasimova Anticipating chaos synchronization in time-delayed systems. 9  
    E.R. Kasimov The reflection of the parallel-polarized electromagnetic wave at its incidence on the two-layer dielectricmetal system under the angle. 12  
    N.F. Ahmedov, S.K. Abutalibova, T.I. Ismailova, F.A. Ahmedov The influence of the temperature mode on the relaxation process velocity in polymers. 16  
    Ch.. Qajar, S.. Musayev, .R. Menzeleyev The low-frequency digital shaper of reference pulses. 19  
    G.A. Abbasov, M.N. Ibragimov, M.J. Radgabov On the commutator construction with the application of diodes on the base of compound semiconductors. 22  
    S.A. Aliyev, Z.S. Gasanov, S.M.Abdullayev Electric properties of AgFeS2 in the area of the phase transition. 24  
    A.U. Mahmudov, S.H. Sadikhova, E.Z. Aliyev The calculation of adiabatic compressibility and heat capacity of perfluorocarbons from acoustic data. 27  
    Sh. Sh. Guseinov Some peculiarities of the characteristics of chaotic oscillations of the solar centimeter radio emission. 31  
    F.F. Aliev The energy spectrum of charge carriers in n-Ag2Te. 35  
    Proceeding of conference  
    A.L. Gorodentsev Abelian Lagrangian algebraic geometry and ALAG quantization. 40  
    Allan Adams, Jarah Evslin The Loop Group of E8 and K-theory from 11d. 56  
    Davoud Kamani More on noncommutative superstring worldsheet. 73  
    .S.G. Abdulvahabova, E.A. Rasulov The polarization of the scattering particles on high energy approximation. 83  
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