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      Fizika, 2005,vol.XI, 1-2

    M.A. Gasanov The use of zeolite for adsorption purification of the leather manufacturing waters at the electric discharge influence. 3  
    S.I. Mekhtieva, A.L. Isayev, E.A. Mamedov, Z.A. Agamaliyev The currents, limited by volume charge in the chalcogenide glassy semiconductors of Se-Te system. 6  
    E.A. Eyvazov, A.A. Abushova, Y.M. Abasov, A.U. Makhmudov The specific heat of the surface formation of liquids. 9  
    O. Davarashvili, M. Enukashvili, N. Kekelidze, G. Darsavelidze, L. Gabrichidze, E. Kuteliya, V.P. Zlomanov, O.I. Tananaeva, N. Ahmedzade, L.Tecer, T. Mamedov The investigation of the pecularities of of the internal friction and the shear modulus in the lead thelluride monocrystal. 12  
    N.N. Mustafayeva, I.N. Aliyeva, N.M. Gojayev The theoretical model of the Met1-Arg16 segment structure from N-terminus of tyrosine hydroxilase domain. 15  
    . . Suleymanov Linear theory of the light absorption by the surface collective excitations in singlet triplet antiferromagnets. 20  
    G.T. Gasanov, A.N. Mamedova The influence of the relaxation time on the liquid heat capacity. 25  
    L.A. Gubatova, , Z.M. Zeynalov, G.H. Ajdarov Axial Ga- impurity distribution in Ge-Si, solid solutions, grown by the modernized Bridgmen method. 28  
    E.R. Gasanov, R.K. Gasimova The nonlinear theory of guns effect. 31  
    S.N. Mustafaeva The interlayer energy barrier in the anisotropic TlBIIIC2VI monocrystals. 36  
    R.N. Rahimov Thermal conductivity of In(1-)GaxAs solid solution. 43  
    E.M.Shahverdiev, R.A.Nuriev, E.M.Huseynova, L.H.Hashimova, R.H.Hashimov Inverse chaos synchronization in the multi-feedback Ikeda model. 42  
    M.I. Valiyev, R.M. Kasimov, Ch.O. Kadjar Effect of non-reflective absorption of microwave radiation in solutions of acetyl acetone in N-heptanes. 45  
    K.Z. Nuriyev The method for calculation of relative intensity of the secondary ions in mass-spectrometers with plasma type ions source. 49  
    N.N. Niftiyev, O.B. Tagiyev, F.M. Mamedov Thermoelectromotive force and Hall effect in FeGaInS4. 54  
    S.P. Molchanov, I.A. Chernova-Kharaeva, S.H. Abdullayeva, S.D. Alekperov Multi Data Mode method in the scanning probe microscopy. 56  
    E.A. Akhundova Viscosity method for the describing of dynamical systems. 59  
    Yu.G. Asadov, R.B. Baykulov, Yu.I. Aliyev Phase transitions in CuAgS0.5Se0.5. 62  
    E. Guliyev, F. Ertugra, M. Guner, Z. Demir Scissors Mode In the g-soft Nucleus 134Ba. 66  
    I. H. Yakut, M. Bektasoglu, F.Ertugral and R. Akkaya Collective 1+ states in 176,178Hf deformed nuclei. 70  
    M.A. Alijanov, N.M. Orucov, A.O. Mehrabov, S.M. Alijanova, N.I. Ibayev Investigation of impurity physical properties obtained on the base of PbSe. 77  
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